It snowed today.

That’s it.

Not a lot. Not a dusting.

It wasn’t the soft blanket-y holiday-type snow.  Or a SNOWPOCALYPSE.

Just some snow.

Not a single person went into their driveway with a yardstick to measure it. No schoolkid imagined a better tomorrow.

It was just a little more snow on top of last week’s dirty leftover snow. Next week, it’ll be last week’s dirty leftover snow.

This wasn’t snuggly hot chocolate snow. It was tepid-third-cup-of-coffee-that-had-been-left-on-the-burner-for-most-of-the-morning snow.

A few folks delayed their errands. But only till they heard the plow go by. They needed something from Rite Aid that they forgot once they got there. Which was a pain, because afterall, they’d gone out in the snow. They bought other things so as not to waste the trip.

There were no curly cue drifts to marvel at. It was slouchy snow. Slumpy teenage snow. It was the sky saying “I’m bored.”

It’s the sort of snow that clumps up behind your tires. Until it falls off. Or you kick it.

The goats checked it out. Meh.

Then it stopped snowing.

There’s none planned tomorrow. Or the next day.

It was the sort of snowfall that exists for no other reason than to actively remind you that it’s mid-January.

It was just snowblesse oblige.

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Your writing is elegant and simple simlutaneously, and it speaks to me with something that touches my heart each time.