For his birthday a few years ago, Josh bought Brent a lot more Iris rhizomes than we could afford at the time. We’ve both always been in love with bearded Irises. Yes, we know they’re a little garish. And not terribly fashionable. But we both remember marveling at all the circus-colored varieties (with names to match) in our mom’s flower catalogs and pining for these expensive rhizomes. So we splurged. This was the first year they really settled in to their new home and rewarded us with many blossoms. Here are just a few:


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  • By: Linda Marie

    I received the aloe and iris bounty box this week. I love how everything is so beautifully packaged and perfectly set within the box. I would say that the body wash is a water floral, meaning, you captured the essence of the flower and encapsulated it in water. The fragrance is like a tip-toe of spring, a dalliance of delight. The lip balm is superb, and I love the sprig of mint that seems to just kiss the lips like a sweet spring breeze. All of the products are just divine. Thank you for delivering a bit of your farm to all of your neighbors. It’s a bit of heaven.

    I am really looking forward to the other seasonal offerings, particularly the Linden.

  • By: susan

    I have just stumbled across your blog and am in love! What an inspiring story you seem to have. Your irises are beautiful, so are the images in general. May I ask what you shoot with ?

  • By: Phil

    Your Irises’ are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We were wiped out by the Colorado flood of 2013 and are going to relocate in CA. These beauties are on the planting list.

  • By: Kristin

    My father tried to grow the black iris but it would never survive. All the other colors would thrive. Murphy law. What company did you purchase the rhizomes? I would love to try my hand in my flower beds.

  • By: kristine

    I love iris’ but can never seem to get my stalks to stand up straight.

  • By: Warren Bobrow

    Siberian Irises grace our gardens here in New Jersey.. They are strikingly blue and almost seem to glow in the dark… Then they are gone.

  • By: Cheryl Koflan

    What a show of beautiful color they have put on for you this season! Lovely- Thanks for sharing…

  • By: Amy

    Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing for those of us who had iris that didn’t quite put on the display we hoped for in 2013!

  • By: Pam Edelmann Sall

    I once tore out an iris bed because I didn’t like what it looked like after the flowers were gone. I have been sorry ever since.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Yes. The foliage is not the most attractive which is why we put the iris garden down by the pond so that we can see them when in bloom but can easily overlook them when not

  • By: liz

    Gorgeous! Awhh – how could you think/say something as beautiful as an Iris is “garish” – they are just being themselves and being wonderful – can you tell I am a big Iris fan too! The little delicate mini ones are to dye for! LOVE them. ..The yellow one looks like it has a bit of Orchid envy- she is very pretty and delicate! Happy almost wedding!

  • By: gayle hajek

    If you are interested in more iris bulbs…. google ….Walsterway Iris Farm……this is a long established iris farm and they are retiring and pretty much selling out. Bearded and Japanese both I believe. lots of different kinds, a few that my uncle developed.

  • By: Marlene Myers

    everything you touch, turns beautiful or delicious…love watching the process…thanks for sharing.

  • By: ConnieW.

    LOVE bearded Iris!! My favorite flower! Why?? Because it reminds me of my childhood! We had them around our porch, and they were all purple and smelled like grape Koolaid! We also had a lot of orange native Daylillies along the fence, Orange Tiger Lilies, a Snowball bush, couple of rose bushes, plum tree, apple tree that was split into by lightening while we were on vacation, Morning Glories on strings tied along the gutters, and a Heavenly yellow/white honeysuckle bush. We would all (kids in the neighborhood) pull the ends out and taste the “honey” as we called it. Sure miss my old yard! Wish I had fully appreciated it at the time.

  • By: Robin

    Breathtaking! I love the bearded iris! So sweet and old fashioned – they’re the charm of any garden!

  • By: Jan

    My beloved grandmother grew the deep purple bearded iris. A fond memory for me. Thanks for the slide show.

  • By: Kim Artrip

    Stunning iris’s. On my property my iris’s are in patches all over the place. I am going to steal your iris bed layout and transplant them together. Of course the most beautiful iris’s I have are growing in an old wood pile that has turned to compose. Pure White and Sky blue. Thanks for sharing!

  • By: Mike b.

    I always had a problem keeping the iris bed weed/grass free. They were embedded. BTW Congrats! Wishing you many years of love and happiness and prosperity.

  • By: Nina Mayleas

    I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and we had a yard full of purple irises. They were delightfully scented and our elementary school teachers were given big bouquets every year. We also had the most beautiful tangerine colored roses and yes, they smelled like roses! The big fig tree (covered every winter) yielded great dark figs.

  • By: Benita

    I love irises and used to have alot of different colors. My favorite is red – the only color that is not a natural iris color. The best place to get them is Schreiners – they have a HUGE selection in amazing colors! Unfortunately I had to move and the soil where I live needs a lot of work (and I was out of work for 2 years so getting my finances in order takes precidence over gardening right now). Congrats on the wedding next week – can’t wait to see pictures!

  • By: Beth

    Because we move a lot I have never invested in irises, however have always admired them. Think I may take the plunge. Does anyone know long does it take before they really take off (sounds like at least a few years)?

    • By: Mel Free

      By the third year, they will be really lovely! 🙂 But..I have grown them in pots, also.

  • By: Sandy S.

    Here’s my most cosmic “iris story”… I have a specific iris in my yard because they were my mom’s favorite flower. There are other iris colors I like more, but I will always make sure to have plenty of “her irises”. When they bloom, I feel my mom is saying hello. My husband has a rhododendron that was given to him when his beloved grandfather passed away. Although the iris and the rhodie bloom in the spring, they don’t bloom at the same time, except… On the day my husband proposed to me, we went for a walk. Along the way we stopped at the lot nearby where we were building a home. That is where my husband proposed. When we got back home, both my “mom’s iris” and “Grandpa’s rhodie” had bloomed! I am not kidding! One iris and one rhodie flower was opened! They have never again bloomed on the same day. We know my mom and his grandpa were keeping an eye on us and were happy we were finally engaged!

    • By: Kathy Geis

      Sandy your story had me in tears. I too believe that your Mom and his Grandpa were both giving their blessing. What a wonderful story. 🙂

  • By: Dorothy Hayes

    I have a few Iris in my garden, but they are not as spectacular as those in the Beekman garden.

  • By: Linda Turner

    Love irises! My mom shared plants with her friends and one that she acquired is a bronze/yellow variety that is so beautiful. Amongst all the beautiful fancy blues and pinks, these are very sophisticated and stately…the matrons of my gardens.

  • By: Sheila Davis

    My dear Grandmother had irises (my beautiful Grandaughter’s name by-the-way) and roses and blueberries and lots and lots more. My Grandfather had fruit trees that he liked to create. He had a Pear/Peach tree and an apple/plum tree. They enjoyed their flowers and fruits and we loved experiencing their creativity along with their beauty and flavor..
    Thank you Beekman lads for sharing your lives with the populus You are dear and magical and we need you both in this world. Thank you kindly, Sheila

  • By: Mel Free

    To my surprise, this area=Central New York is “Iris Heaven”. For some reason, they LOVE growing, here. I can never remember the Iris in California, but around is WONDERFUL! I have several of the ones that you have planted, but not the Black variety, yet..;) Maybe next year? I bought a most lovely triple ruffled giant iris in dark purple, this year, called is simply GORGEOUS! You have chosen a lovely area for them in your garden. I would have to say that next to roses, they are now my favorite flower! 🙂

  • By: Marie Chilcote

    Years ago I bought and planted lavender iris. When I dug them up and moved them, in their place up came yellow iris. Now I have beautiful iris growing in my dump pile on my back lot. We don’t have chickens in our chicken yard any more. The chickens kept the yard pecked down to dirt, but this year the yard is solid foxglove in several colors.

  • By: Jennifer Vizzo

    Iris is a wonderful perennial that tolerates almost all weather and soil conditions (except maybe the desert). And they are great for expanding because every couple of years, you can divide and replant the new rhizomes. We have a large commercial iris farm about an hour west of me, Once a year, you can take the tour and buy rhizomes wholesale for replanting Anyone who hasn’t tried to grow them is missing an amazingly versatile garden flower.

  • By: darcell

    Who wrote this article? If it was Josh, how come it doesn’t say I? In the article it said Josh. Feels like it was written by someone else.

    • By: Sandy S.

      It was a tad bit odd how it went back and forth between 1st person and 3 person story-telling. Maybe the hectic wedding planning is causing a few brain clogs. 🙂

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