Northern Reflections

As I was going through the photographs that I took at my family’s cottage in Ontario last week, I was especially taken by the serenity and beauty of the shots I took of the lake. The weather was beautiful and calm and the lake had the effect of a mirror, reflecting the sky and the shoreline on its pristine surface. As I was looking at them, I experienced a peculiar urge to turn some of the photos vertically, sensing that I might be dazzled by the new view. I was right. The stillness of the images, when turned on their sides, rendered naturalistic depictions of totem poles with faces and mysterious shapes emerging from the reflected symmetry – almost like Rorschach’s inkblots. It was difficult, in some cases, to discern which side was the sky and which was the water. I always think it’s fun to look at things in new ways because you often discover something hidden, something just waiting to surprise and delight you. I hope you enjoy the photos! What do you see in these vertical reflections?



Photos by Andrew Ritchie

by Andrew

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