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Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase


In its simplest definition, Ikebana is a traditional form of Japanese flower arranging. More than this, Ikebana seeks to employ the spirituality of its practitioners to achieve an arrangement that emphasizes line, form, texture and balance. Unlike Western flower arranging practices, which often encourage voluminous bouquets of blossoms and foliage in multicolored pairings, Ikebana seeks the opposite. It is a thoughtful and quiet approach that usually draws the eye to areas of the plant that may be considered unusual or unwanted: an unruly tendril, a woody stem, a giant leaf. The art of Ikebana lies in creating a form that is balanced and simple but that is never boring or predictable. Its execution should appear to be thoughtfully considered with unexpected results that evoke a sense of contemplation in the beholder.

One of the great masters of Ikebana is Toshiro Kawase. I recently found one of his books at a used book store in Toronto and fell in love with his work. He was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1948 and studied design and theatre production in Tokyo and Paris. He currently teaches Ikebana courses at various education centers around Japan.





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