Dare to dream. When I was a little kid, I used to hear it all the time. Dare to dream. You can be a lawyer or a doctor or even the President of the United States. I dared to dream. And I became me. Hahahahahaha.

Sometimes though, if you dare to dream, things can work out beautifully. I dared to dream of double digit episodes of the Fabulous Beekman Boys. And motherfuckers, it came true. We’re on episode 10. Woohoo, woohoo. Episode 10!!! As usual, the goat scale will be used.

Tension in the relationship. Josh lives in the city making the money. Brent lives on the farm making the soap and the cheese. Tension isn’t fun. Working isn’t fun. Two goats.

Brent gives us his relationship philosophy. Let your partner think they have a say, but they really don’t. I think Brent might be Lex Luther. I like Lex Luther. Four goats.

Brent wants to open a store.  Josh is skeptical. Brent shows him the site. It’s mess. Josh is more skeptical. Brent is a force that cannot be stopped. If you try, you get turned into one of his bars of soap. Josh intelligently relents. Because I like Brent’s relentlessness, five goats.

Brent goes to open a soap shop across the street from his soapmakers soap shop. He goes to talk to her about it. It looks like it is going to go poorly. Cut to commercials. Perfect editing. Cut back. It’s tense. She’s actually not mad. Awesome sequence. I was almost shaking. Four goats.

Farmer John brings the goats out into the spring air. The goats go crazy. They roll around in the grass and make noise. Even Pokey, the annoying llama is in a good mood. When I was younger, I rolled around in the grass and made noise. It was fun. And it put me in a good  mood too. Four goats.

Brent cleans out the new store, preps it for the opening. Looks like awful work. Fuck that. One goat.

Josh is in a good mood. Spring has arrived. Brent wants him to work at the store. Josh wants to grow potatoes. Me, I’d rather sit on the porch and read a book.  Two goats.

Josh gives tutorial on planting potatoes. It’s interesting. I’d still rather be on the porch. Two goats.

We hear the story of Josh and Brent meeting. Online chats, picture exchange, Chinese food in NYC. Very cute. Very 21st Century. Four goats.

Josh gives relationship advice. When partner is in a bad mood, put them in a worse mood so they are forced to get into a better mood. This is some Machiavellian shit going down with these dudes. I sort of dig it.  Four goats.

Brent surprises Josh on their anniversary by coming into the city. Surprises are great. They are great great great. Four goats.

Brent takes Josh to lunch and tells him they aren’t making enough money to quit his job. Josh is pretty upset. He gives a great speech about how we move through life. He cries. Actually a really moving moment. Four goats.

Brent gives store philosophy. He sounds like Martha Stewart so I almost immediately tune him out. One goat.

Store opens. All nine of the people who live in their town show up. They give a nice funny speech. The store looks great. Four goats.

Josh gives another speech after none of the locals buy anything, and after a few glasses of champagne. He cries again. Man, that Josh is a sweet dude who likes to cry. We need more of those in the world. Five goats.

Total number of categories: 15

Total number of goats: 48

Average number of goats:  3.2

Looks like I’m moving.

by James Frey

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Allison James

The swearing doesn't bother me a bit…However, if my beloved Farmer John doesn't like it I gotta go with him. Farmer John ROCKS!

Nanny Sandra

The one thing I especially liked about the show was the lack of bad language…My husband always says it shows a lack of intelligence when one has to resort to curse words and vulgar language. Please stop it now. We love this show so much.

Sandy Winters

Totally agree with Robin. James has his own style, which is a tart counterpoint to the floral Beekman style. Sorry, now it sounds like I'm reviewing a restaurant! I hope James will be back for the next season, with his unique viewpoint and even with the swearing.

lorraine regan

love your show saw it for the first time tonight. sept.22nd. can,t wait for more good luck guys, you are doing it for every dreamer., wish I could.

Joseph Maldonado

I am so glad I stumbled upon the show and have seen every episode since. I really enjoyed The Bucolic Plague and am currently reading I am not myself These Days. I can't wait for Season 2. Now I am off to buy some cheese and soap. Keep up the great work guys!


The Anthropologie store in Indianapolis sold out of your soap a month ago… what's with that? Should I keep calling them to see if they ever get more or should I contact someone at the main office (?) to let them know the demand is here? I am also interested in purchasing some of your Heirloom seeds that I saw in the video, but I do not see them in your online store.


A big midwestern fan

Tara in Ohio

Josh, Brent and Farmer John

Just know that so many people you have never met are sending nothing but good thoughts, positive energy, prayers, chants etc. your way. We want to see you both succeed in this and will try to support you in any way. I have bought a few of the soaps and LOVE them. Wish I could afford the year box, and I will one day. I also recently quit a secure job to follow a dream, quite scary but it's really the best way to live life.

Never, never, never, never, never quit!

Love you all

Greg Nunes

Love the TV show!

Love the book!

Love the cheese!

Love the soap!

Love Josh!

Love Brent!

Love farmer John!

Love the Beekman Farm.

I hope you all can hang on to the dream!!


Dear Negative Replyers—Get a life! This is a fun, stimulating ADULT blog that isn't hurting you even a little bit. Your our little ones aren't looking here–and you need to relax, chill out and understand that most of us who read Books also are okay with language that serves the subject. For many of us, James just Fuckin' ROCKS and is a wonderful addition to this little addiction we all have! You, as a reader, always have an option–nobody forces language on you with which you don't agree. Leave James alone! The website is fine. It's kind of in the realm of "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" in that ALL are welecome. We love you, but would ask that you invoke a little more tolerance. Hugs, Robin

Keith in Minneapolis

I agree with Charlie in las vegas. It isn't about being offended just shocked by the swearing. It seems odd for such language to be used when, while reading, you have the images of the Beekman brand in your mind: goats, sun, gardening, soap, cheese and farming. I use the F-bomb alot,don't get me wrong. It's a fantastic word. However maybe for the brands sake it just shouldn't be used when speaking or writing about the Beekman. People who say they aren't buying again….it's sad to think that they have such a zero-tolerance attitude towards life. Offer your opinion in hopes that it may change but continue to support such a brand while they make adjustments in their business & strategy.

charlie in las vegas

I'm all for freedom of speech but there is a time and place for everything. i wasn't offended but a little shocked by the f bomb. this will not stop me from loving the show and purchasing from the beekman site and reading josh's books. keep up the great work josh and brent!


This was such a great recap. I wish i had found this sooner. I didnt know James had recaps on the website, and I am a BeekGeek.

Anyway, for all the negative nellys, come on, really?? The language was not out of line for its usage. James has an art as a writter. He was not using the language directed at a person. He was telling a story. and i think he did a great job. i cant wait until next season for more recaps. Faaaaabbbbuulos.


the language James uses is not appropriate for this sho or website. Done with this.


Wow, James, I didn't know you were even associated with this project! (Yes, I'm one of THOSE people)

This is one of the best things to ever happen to America and certainly to the Upstate NY area. We live in North Carolina but own acreage and a village house in Herkimer County and are moving in 2 years. Your show is just more support for us to live our dreams and follow our hearts. You all are truly a force for GOOD in the world!! Keep it up!

Emmy's, anyone?

Ellen C

Forgive and Forget! We all a…mess up from time to time. Sometimes excitement overwhelms us and we simply forget out peas and queues. There are still excellent points. Let's celebrate those. Yeah 🙂


Love the show, thanks for the recaps. I too could do without the swearing – I agree with Ryan.


James, I caught your last sentence:" I guess I am moving." I take it that will be before next season filming begins? Maybe you can move into the old Sharon Springs hot spring facility.. that would be a show in itself? —-Maybe Worlds of Wonder Productions could rent it/ help fix it up? (Hey Ru Paul, we need more drag queens in upstate NY, honey. I'd love to see a spa run by drag queens there!)

Your posts and goat rating are amusing. In regards to swearing: in my own private setting, I use the F word like a trucker, but not in public or around children. I would only counsel that the blogs have shown that lots of kids/ families are fans. I would imagine some of the kids will be reading all the blog posts, so please have awareness of that…..


….and gained a new customer because of freedom of speech and wit combined. Thanks for your wonderful company.

I'm going to come and visit Bubby one day!

Josh- Loved your Beekman book.

David in Maryland


I have thoroughly enjoyed the show and the website and have encouraged many friends to do the same. Your vulgarities, however, make me hesitate to continue my support. Use of such coarse language detracts from the style that Beekman 1802 has come to represent. You would do a great service to the brand and your readers if you would be more careful in that regard.


I thought I would give this guy another chance after the negative emails from the last one, but I will not waste my time reading garbage, so I am out of here. I bought my first and last cheese and soap last month, so you have lost business because if this. I have run my own company since 1989 and if anyone in my company would use such language, they would be removed at once. I am for Freedom of Speech, but I am strictly coming from a business standpoint. You will lose potential revenue if this continues, you just lost one new customer.


The recaps are a hoot. Don't change anything. For the faint of heart maybe bring Garrison Keillor to write alternative recaps. You (points finger at you) don't change anything.

M. L.

Garth and Doug giving excellent relationship advice to Brent: 4 goats.

Brent actually subsuming his own ego (and non-experience of relationships other than with a very tolerant Josh) and taking that advice: 5 goats.

Josh sucking it up and putting "we" before "me" and hanging on for another year (?) of sacrifice: 10 goats–but don't keep him hanging forever, Brent! No fun having it all if there's no one there to share it!

loved the shows, loved the books, don't forget to sit on the porch to enjoy your labors!


Love Mr. Frey's recaps, swearing and all. Enough of this debate, if you don't like it then don't read it, it is his STYLE! But on to more important things……..will miss these recaps that make me laugh out loud, will miss Farmer John and his goats, will miss Dr. Brent and his hard working, bossy, persnickety but ultimately sweet self but most of all will miss Josh and his tender hearted and witty observations on his life and goals for himself and Brent. You all have brought much needed levity and style to my little world.

Thanks for sharing. Xoxo


James, your recaps would be so much more enjoyable if you would stop with the juvenile swearing. It's totally out of place on this website.

Terry Corigliano

Love your recaps . Funny stuff. I kind of agree, no need for the f-word. You are a writter use better words if you can. I will continue to read your recaps anyway. 1 goat for my thoughts.


Mr. Frey, I love your recaps of the show but I'm sure the is another way you may express your opinion that by saying "f&4k" and motherf*)ker. We need to wash your mouth out with some Beekman 1802 goat milk soap.


Great recap. I loved Josh's face when he saw Brent by the subway.

Looks like I'm going to have to console myself with the DVR'd episodes until next year.

…unless there is a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL??


Andre Jones

Josh, yea, he is an emotional dude. Adds lots of warmth to the Beekman atmosphere. But you know, they all do.

Andre Jones

Dr. Brent sounding like Martha? One goat if you don't like Martha. I like Martha. And by the way, there are many that would like to stand alone as being known for being perfectionist.


Love James' recaps—love the show. I'll be missing both until next season. James, I hope you'll still be assessing your move to upstate NY next year. Your recaps are as much a part of the show for me as the llama.

Frank Corey

James, as always, a great recap, I hope you get to go up and visit the boys up on the farm in the next season