A Field of Gold


Just because we have a BEEKMAN 1802  bug repellent bar doesn’t mean we don’t love bugs.

How can you not admire something created by nature as perfectly as this:

Walking sticks

Leaf-shaped katydids

or as cute as this:

A June Bug Family

Soon, the nocturnal Phyllophaga (“June Bugs”) will emerge from the ground and “thwap” in great numbers against the screens of the windows. We’ll show you a picture when they arrive.

Being on the farm has resurfaced the fascination I had with bugs as a child.   I remember the red plastic “bug catching” kit that I received for my birthday one year.   The ant farm.  The butterfly net.  I even had a robust collection of rubber worms that my grandmother and I would use every Saturday of the summer when we would go fishing.  I always felt I caught more fish when I used them, but it may have been that I just couldn’t bear the thought of impaling a live worm on the end of that hook.

Farmer's Friend

But some bugs are unwanted, especially when it comes to those summer evening backyard cook-outs.  That’s why we created the all-natural bug repellent bar.  Thanks to the brilliant people at Daily Candy, now people as far away as Belgium are using our soap.  The goats are just beside themselves with this news.

THE TRAIN REPORT (each week I’ll also give you a glimpse on what our train ride was like):

Very crowded.  Standing room only on some stretches.
I sat beside a lovely older woman who was shocked that the price of her one-way ticket was $32. Rained the whole way. The train ahead of us “hit an obstruction” on the track, so we were stuck in Garrison, NY


Does anything say “spring” like weeds?  When I see the first ones start popping up amid the gravel in the driveway, I have to admit, I get a fleeting sense of regret that we operate an organic farm. But if I just turn my head and look at toward the marker stone, that sentiment quickly fades.  Even weeds can be beautiful.

A golden bouquet

As is the May weekend ritual, I started in the flower garden removing weeds.  Our green thumb seems to be exceptionally adept at growing the most luscious weeds.  I knew I didn’t have time to get all of them this week, so I tackled the ones that were the most obvious.  I especially do not like thistle.  The soil on the farm must be perfect for them.  I’ve seen them as tall as 6 foot and with a stalk as thick as 4 inches in diameter!  One of my favorite gardening tools is the “garden claw”.  You stick its prongs into the ground along side the target and then twist.  The bigger the weed, the more you may have to twist, but eventually, hard work prevails.

My abdominal oblique muscles got a good workout with this one.
The golden egg awaits

The chickens love when we weed the garden.  Like me, they are very fond of the dandelions.  The egg yolks next week will be an amazing golden color.

End of the day

Sometimes nothing feels better after a long day of work than taking your shoes off—no matter how comfortable they are.

by Dr. Brent

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Cheryl Koflan

I must say that I don’t share your fascination with bugs especially the “cluster flies” (I know you can relate) that appear out of nowhere if you live in the country- once the sun warms the earth (smiling). However, I do agree that as annoying as the dandelions are in the gardens- when I look out across the fields out back and see the beauty they display as their presence dots the landscape in abundance proudly displaying their bright yellow color in a sea of new lush green grass it truly is a vision even though they are just a “weed” they are stunning in their natural habitat at least until they turn fluffy and fly… Nice pictures once again. Have a nice day.