The farm of your dreams.

That’s what the real estate agent told us when showing Beekman Farm for the first time, but by then we had already been seduced.

A house atop a hill, a statuesque barn and sweeping views unmarred in the 200 years since the cornerstone was placed…

But we were not the first to answer the siren’s call once she slipped out of the Beekman family’s grasp.

We were thrilled when someone recently mailed us a newspaper clipping from the late 1800’s and at the very bottom a real estate ad stating:

Judge Beekman Farm: It’s proximity to the springs, the conditions of the buildings and the grounds, renders it all that anyone can desire.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.



by Josh and Brent

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Judi Simon

Can’t wait to receive my order from HSN. I used to have goats and loved them so much. Keep on coming to HSN.

Ginger miller

Just love the show. Your both so funny and it makes me laugh out loud to watch the shows. Keep it up!