Last Sunday, we brought Faintly down to the Mercantile so that folks could meet her. We thought you might like to see a few pics from her day as the wee littlest shopgirl…


by Josh and Brent

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Ilona Crisp

I want a goat, a mini goat from Africa. I have heard that they can be housebroken and I can plainly see they are the most adorable little animals ever. However, we live in a mobile home in a senior complex and I really don’t think they would be allowed here. So, if you don’t mind I’ll just keep oohing and ahhing over yours.

Centralia Heart

Faintly is a sweetheart. A few weeks ago our church was having a picnic at Davis Park. A family walked through the park with their dog, and their pet goat! the goat walked politely with the family, and wore a collar. It was so sweet. Faintly will be a great mascot for the store. As long as Polka Spot says it is OK.

Sherrie Carter

How utterly adorable! I can’t wait to be able to come visit Sharon Springs and you!

Lee Ann Hasty

Love catching up on Faintly’s busy schedule. I see Brent finally got his wish to put a bow on a goat! How much does Faintly weigh now?


Here’s the thing- Faintly MUST have a book. My 4 yr old adores her. Her (preschool) public awaits. Since she clearly must be shared, hurry! (She Will grow, eventually)! Consider. Best, CBlauer

Marie Chilcote

When Faintly is not in town, does she live in the house? Or does she have a special place in the barn? Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing the photo’s of Faintly guys ~ she just gets cuter and cuter! We all love the updates of her, and I agree with the others ~ another book should be in the works ~ she’d be perfect for it!

Bev Nan Murphy

The “kid” has the PR gig down pat. Cuddlebug. Who got the “sweep up after Faintly”
detail? I’d volunteer. xx

sarah melling

I certainly hope that Faintly stars in a Beekman children’s picture book. These photos and your witty captions are practically there!

sue tolbert

I heard FAINTLY will be taking over for Josh when he starts planting the gardens. sue t.


love it! I hope you will keep her forever! Looking forward to meeting her in September at the Festival.

Kate's Daughter

Looks like a great time was had by all! Faintly is a very well behaved goat! Thank you for sharing some of the day with those of us who were not fortunate enough to be there.


Thanks for the photos–they are all wonderful! My husband agrees–Faintly is just adorable. She seems to bring great joy to everyone who encounters her!

Carol M

Doesn’t New York have laws that stop little kids from going to work?

Angie Falzarano

Home sick for 5 days and loved every picture. I laughed for the first time in a week. I love the last one with Josh, Faintly and the little girl. It seems he has a way with all kinds of kids. ; )