Last Sunday, we brought Faintly down to the Mercantile so that folks could meet her. We thought you might like to see a few pics from her day as the wee littlest shopgirl…


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  • By: Ilona Crisp

    I want a goat, a mini goat from Africa. I have heard that they can be housebroken and I can plainly see they are the most adorable little animals ever. However, we live in a mobile home in a senior complex and I really don’t think they would be allowed here. So, if you don’t mind I’ll just keep oohing and ahhing over yours.

  • By: Centralia Heart

    Faintly is a sweetheart. A few weeks ago our church was having a picnic at Davis Park. A family walked through the park with their dog, and their pet goat! the goat walked politely with the family, and wore a collar. It was so sweet. Faintly will be a great mascot for the store. As long as Polka Spot says it is OK.

  • By: Beth

    I just want to put her in my pocket she is so cute!

  • By: Lee Ann Hasty

    Love catching up on Faintly’s busy schedule. I see Brent finally got his wish to put a bow on a goat! How much does Faintly weigh now?

  • By: cblauer

    Here’s the thing- Faintly MUST have a book. My 4 yr old adores her. Her (preschool) public awaits. Since she clearly must be shared, hurry! (She Will grow, eventually)! Consider. Best, CBlauer

  • By: Marie Chilcote

    When Faintly is not in town, does she live in the house? Or does she have a special place in the barn? Thanks for sharing.

  • By: Vicki

    Thanks for sharing the photo’s of Faintly guys ~ she just gets cuter and cuter! We all love the updates of her, and I agree with the others ~ another book should be in the works ~ she’d be perfect for it!

  • By: Bev Nan Murphy

    The “kid” has the PR gig down pat. Cuddlebug. Who got the “sweep up after Faintly”
    detail? I’d volunteer. xx

  • By: sarah melling

    I certainly hope that Faintly stars in a Beekman children’s picture book. These photos and your witty captions are practically there!

  • By: Christina

    Adorable. She is the most precious thing. Is she growning at all?

  • By: sue tolbert

    I heard FAINTLY will be taking over for Josh when he starts planting the gardens. sue t.

  • By: susan

    love it! I hope you will keep her forever! Looking forward to meeting her in September at the Festival.

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    Looks like a great time was had by all! Faintly is a very well behaved goat! Thank you for sharing some of the day with those of us who were not fortunate enough to be there.

  • By: LuvZdollZ

    Thanks for the photos–they are all wonderful! My husband agrees–Faintly is just adorable. She seems to bring great joy to everyone who encounters her!

  • By: Carol M

    Doesn’t New York have laws that stop little kids from going to work?

  • By: Angie Falzarano

    Home sick for 5 days and loved every picture. I laughed for the first time in a week. I love the last one with Josh, Faintly and the little girl. It seems he has a way with all kinds of kids. ; )

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