We have known Amy Goldman for years. We fell in love with her work and her gardens when we got our dirty little hands on her first book, The Heirloom Tomato. When we held the charity auction of heirloom vegetables on the floor of Sothebys in NYC, she was one of our big supporters, and we even used some of her bronze castings of heirloom vegetables in the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook.

Her talent and appreciation of the true forms of nature has greatly inspired our aesthetic at Beekman 1802, which is why were were thrilled when she married heirloom vegetables with one of our other loves–daguerreotypes.

The author of three award-winning books—The Heirloom Tomato, The Compleat Squash, and Melons for the Passionate Grower—Amy Goldman has dedicated her life to helping preserve the agricultural heritage and genetic diversity of the world’s fruits and vegetables. She has been called “perhaps the world’s premier vegetable gardener” by the president of the New York Botanical Garden. After joining the Board of Directors of Seed Savers Exchange (the nation’s preeminent seed saving non-profit organization) in 2001 and serving as Vice Chair, then Chair, she morphed into a Special Advisor in 2012.

Amy’s stunning fourth book, HEIRLOOM HARVEST: MODERN DAGUERREOTYPES OF HISTORIC GARDEN TREASURES features over 175 extraordinary photographs: the result of a fifteen-year collaboration between Goldman, a celebrated plant conservationist and heirloom gardener, and Jerry Spagnoli, one of the world’s foremost daguerreotypists.

The lustrous images of plant life featured in HEIRLOOM HARVEST—Fordhook Gem melon, Marina Di Chioggia squash, Raritan Rose peaches, Silverado Chard—allow us to appreciate natural beauty in a new way. All of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and berries featured in the book were grown by Goldman on her 200-acre historic Hudson Valley farmstead–just an hour or so away from our own farm in Sharon Springs, NY.

Jerry Spagnoli, considered the leading expert in the revitalization of the daguerreotype process, is also noted for his collaboration with artist Chuck Close on daguerreotype portraits and nudes. Spagnoli’s work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the National Portrait Gallery, Whitney Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, and others.

Take a peek at some of these masterpieces:



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by Josh and Brent

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