Before 204 Main opened, I had a very successful business coordinating and executing high end wallcovering installations for some of the top designers in the U. S.  The designers would select the materials, be they silk fabric, Chinese scenic murals, hand-tooled leather panels, hand-blocked reproduction papers, on and on, tell me the areas to be installed, and leave me to my own devices. It actually was a very satisfying and creative way to make a living. I met an awful lot of interesting people, traveled the country a bit, and got to see some very interesting and beautiful homes.

Whenever I was measuring a job specifying “Adelphi Paperhangings”, a slight sense of giddiness would enter my head. Adelphi Paperhangings are one of two manufacturers in the U.S. that still hand-block print their papers. Actually, everything is done by hand, from mixing colors, to hand painting grounds, to hand-block printing in a method centuries old. All done by hand under the watchful eye of Steve Larsen, Dave, Jen, and Michelle. Adelphi Paperhangings are currently hanging in the White House (yes, the White House in DC), Montpelier , the MFA in Boston (which I personally installed), and numerous other historic and significant locations.

To say I was excited about Steve creating a contemporary paper for us at 204 Main Bar & Bistro would be a gross understatement. I was THRILLED !!!!!!!!!! We gave Steve a color pallette , a rough idea of what we wanted, and said GO. The results were far better than I could have hoped for. The paper has no vertical or horizontal repeat . But the overall effect is of bubbles rising up in a random, yet cohesive fashion. The colors are exactly what we wanted. The paper can be custom printed to any size wall, and in any color combination.

See how wall-paper is actually made at Adelphi,  click here

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This post makes me so happy. Went to 204 Main on last trip to Sharon Springs (Coop Winter Carnival…met the guys). On recent trips, we had pressed our noses to the glass, mourned the loss of pizza and dreamed. It did not disappoint. C and I spent a fab afternoon at 204, chatting up our owner/host (in gang of four T) and admiring the joint. Tactically and zeitgeist-y swell. And the bathroom? WELL. Love it! The backstory makes me giddy. So glad to have a new place we love for the 3-4X annual sojourn north.

Thank you all for sharing so much.