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The previews have been running all week. Previews that show the ghosts of Beekman. And it’s episode six. And three sixes strung together is the sign of the beast. I have been wondering if there is a connection. If the beast is lurking at Beekman, maybe living inside a goat and waiting to reveal himself. Or of Pokey the Llama is the beast. Or maybe one of those dudes that run the American Hotel in Sharon Springs. If one of them were, it would be incredible reality TV history for sure. And even if the beast isn’t there, it looks like there’s some serious paranormal activity going at the farm. I like paranormal activity. Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts! The Beast! Potential history, maybe even the beginning of the Holy War that ends us all. I’ve been waiting all week. As usual, I’ll be using my goat scale to decide of what I see makes it more or less likely that I leave New York City for my own life in the country.

We see some lovely shots of the fine fall weather in upstate New York. The trees are all sorts of colors. Pumpkins are growing. Animals are trying to get fat for the coming winter. It’s a beautiful fall in Upstate New York.  Brent loves fall in the country, Josh hates it. I actually love fall in New York. All of the tourists are gone and the stench of rotting food, so prevalent in summer, is gone. And the heat is gone. It’s the best time of year in NY. It is beautiful up there though. And the beauty of it has to be weighed against the quiet and fine odors of the city. Two goats.

We get our first notion that Beekman is haunted! Go ghosts, go beast!!!! Five goats.

Josh and Brent talk about the year of sacrifice which is the year in which Josh has agreed to stay in the city and work his day job at the ad agency while Brent gets the farm business up and running. Brent thinks he’s the one making the sacrifice. I actually disagree. I’d much rather be at the farm driving around on tractor than working at an ad agency. Brent seems to win the argument, but I’m on Team Josh. One goat.

We meet Kat and Doug, a gothy couple that live in an old church. Gothy people are cool. Gothy people who live in old churches are extra cool. The two couples carve Halloween demons out of some weird vegetable. And there is also some kind of demon in the wall above the sink at the church, which must be some kind of blasphemy. I love blasphemy. To top it off, we learn about Mary the Ghost, who might be the spirit/demon who is haunting Beekman. It’s a gothy churchy demony bonanza. Five goats.

Ghost hunters show up. Ghost hunters are even cooler than gothy people. They walk around the house, and Josh and Brent give them a history of the haunting. They show them a spot where the name Mary has been carved into floor. I get really scared. Fuck, I’m scared, That carving was done by a ghost or a demon for sure. Five goats.

Josh and Brent and the ghost hunters go down in the basement. I’ve been in the Beekman basement. It’s scary as fuck. The last time I was down there I took a shotgun with me, a shotgun that I bought at Walmart. And it was loaded. I was ready for whatever is down there. I didn’t know what the effect of a shotgun would be on a ghost or a demon, but I was ready. The ghost hunters describe the basement as a fear cage. Wow, those ghost hunters are also wordsmiths, because that is a perfect description. It’s a fucking fear cage down there. While I love the idea of ghosts and demons, the reality is actually pretty terrifying. Especially in a fear cage. Even with a shotgun.  One goat for the actual fear. Three goats for the impressive wordsmith action.

Everyone makes it out of the basement alive. No major paranormal incidents. They head out to the crypt, which is in the backyard. All of the Beekmans are buried in the crypt. For real. Their bodies are in Josh and Brent’s backyard. Fuck that. I don’t want anyone in my backyard. Unless it’s a dude with a bag of money he wants to give me. One goat.

The ghost hunters leave and everyone is still alive. No demons or ghosts have made themselves visible. Josh and Brent go outside to chop some wood for the coming winter. Chopping wood looks kind of fun, and would definitely make me skinnier, and is much cooler than the treadmills and pilates machines in the gym in the basement of my apartment building in New York. Four goats.

Brent brings up Martha. Martha is having a gala in New York and Brent wants to go, and he wants Josh to go with him. Martha Martha Martha. I was really tired of hearing about Martha last episode, now I’m on the verge of vomiting. And a gala. Shit, man, let’s get back to demons and ghosts and gothy people and ghost hunters and fear cages. Because I’m so sick of Martha, and she won’t seem to go away, for the time ever I’m giving out negative goats. Negative five goats.

Brent sells some cheese at a fancy cheese shop in New York. Fancy cheese shops are cool. Three goats.

We see some actual Martha Stewart gala action. Negative ten goats.

Josh and Brent get in a fight. There are very few things in the world more uncomfortable than watching a couple fight. Especially a couple you like. While I understand it’s part of reality TV, and necessary for the show’s drama, I don’t like fighting couples. One goat.

It is however a good fight. Four goats.

We’re back in the basement. Holy fuck, maybe they finally going to show the Beast and the war to end all wars, Jesus vs. the Beast, will actually begin. I’m on the edge of my seat, edge of my seat, edge of my seat. Not going to tell you what happens, but wow. Double wow. Five goats.

Total number of categories: 15

Total number of goats: 25

Average: 1.666 (coincidence that those numbers are in there? I think not)

Definitely not leaving the city. It’s too fucking scary in the country. Until next week, my friends, until next week.

by James Frey

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I am not trying to take anything away from Josh's sacrifices; but it just seemed as if many seemed to think that Brent gave up NOTHING to be at the Beekman. I am VERY familiar with the commute from NYC to Albany-Rensselaer and the drive to Sharon Springs. Was just in Sharon Springs a week ago.


James, I've been a huge fan for years and am so glad to see you love the Beekman Boys too. Your rating scale is great! We love the show, watch each episode multiple times and love your commentary.

This episode was great – I'm sure Mary was watching.

Frank Corey

James, I think you need to go up to the farm to teach Dr. Brent how to shoot….i'm thinking that would be very entertaining…almost as much as your recaps

Christine Eggleston

James – about episode 6 which was VERY entertaining…you forgot to mention that while at the Goth Church, Brent and Josh were carving turnips into jack-o-lanterns (I loved the nose Josh had on his!)…and the Goth guy bled all over his …very ghoulish indeed!


Phyliss- Josh is making a huge sacrifice. Huge. The commute from NYC to Sharon Springs is really really long – particularly after a long week working in the city. I work in the city and live in NJ and I'm beat on Fridays. Josh deserves major props.

Kathy Cassidy

I look forward to James' recaps of the Fabulous Beekman Boys' show just as much as the actual programs now.

They say we should laugh 200 times a day to maximize our health, well-being, and productivity. Thanks for giving me a head start today James. 15 Chuckles


I disagree that Josh is making the sacrifice. He has the best of both worlds–Josh gets New York City life during the week and the Beekman on weekends. Brent, however, is working on the farm all week, and farming is 24/7. Josh reminds me of Eeyore, and Brent is Tigger (without the bounce!) Love them both (and Farmer John and Polka Spot!)