A lady? A tramp?

Had it not been for Lego, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, there may have never been a Beekman 1802.  These toys inspired an attention to detail and construction that is evident in how we approach life and design on the farm.

Gabby, a 10 year old artist and FOB (Friend of Beekman), is doing Lego recreations of her favorite scenes from each episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Look through the Beyond Fabulous blog for more of Gabby’s creations and other cool stuff about The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Don’t be afraid to share what the show inspired in you

by Gabby

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Amanda Booth

Oh my God, this is so cute Gabby! I've recently discovered your Lego creations and they're just adorable! You really have out done yourself, seriously, I've seen some Lego creations by other people, some good some not so much, but these by far re my favorites. Can't wait for episode five, a little apprehensive since Bess and Porky are killed. Good luck and keep making Lego creations, please!


My whole family loves the show. When my son & daughter were tiny, they loved duplo's & lego's. We were always stepping on them in bare feet & cussing, but loved them anyway.

This website is really, really cute.

Hope the fab guys continue to find the right mix of chillaxing & getting all the farm chores done.

glenda brinson

Great work catching the moment as always.

Gabby thanks for sharing and keep up the

goooood work. too cute

Hi…Brent and Josh still enjoying the

laughter you provide to our household.


Don't worry Jim, LEGO Josh can't read.

I apologize to Gabby for spelling her name Gaby.

JP Twigg

My new favorite phrase is "I should have called the local kindergarten class…"


Wow, Gaby, once again fantastic. I love that you picked that moment. I was a little worried before I clicked on it I would see bearded goats….well, you know…!