NOTE: This contest is now over.  Congratulations to James Brady.  His entry was selected using a random number generator.  Thanks to everyone for sharing such wonderful and charming Easter Basket memories.


To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we’ve teamed with Sweet Paul magazine, Terrain, and Hudson Valley Seed Library to put together the ULTIMATE sophisticated Easter basket!

And you can win it!

The prize includes:


To enter to win, all you have to do is share in the comments section below the memory of the best thing you ever received in your childhood Easter basket.  Winners will be chosen using a random number generator on April 6.



by Josh and Brent

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Amanda Steng

My grandmother would give me a sugar decorated egg each easter. Just about the greatest gift each year.

Kristi Heitmann

Well due to the way I was raised (Jehovah Witness), Easter has less childhood memories and more after age 18, “out from under my roof, my rules” memories, so the best thing I got in my Easter basket, at age 36….. was a Pandora Bead from my dad to go on my Pandora charm bracelet.

Caitlyn Beach

As a kid I would get a new disney movie every year from the Easter bunny I would look forward to it all year long!

Michele reid

We would get duck eggs and blow them out and create beautiful painted eggs. I can’t wait to do that with my boys this year.

Sydney Gebhart

I grew up in a LARGE family and our easter baskets and christmas stockings always had new Panties…. After I was married and living in Alaska I get a basket in the mail with my easrer panties! I was so excited… It the little things!!!!

Shaun Copelin

Best thing I ever received in my Easter basket was a battery operated pig that walked and sang the little drummer boy.


My favorite item to find in my basket were Cadbury Eggs. I still love their things!

Valerie Burrows

I always loved receiving the large sugar eggs with the little Spring scenes inside them. They were better than candy since you could enjoy them all year!


We did not have individual Easter baskets, but one for the whole family. The best part was the chocolate bunny, of course! Malted milk eggs coming in a close second!

Colette Hall

Each year I would wake up to the first of many clues in my Easter basket. It always amazed me each year. It was always an amazing Easter hunt. The best!

Susan Albetski

Sugar eggs with little scenes inside! Mom would make them herself. 🙂

Sonja Norman

My family is Jewish, but my grandfather was a catholic. So we had both and it was amazing to see both religions in one family. My grandfather fought in WWII, his father in WWI, I received memorabilia from him before he past in my basket. His stories, trinkets that mean the world to me and now my own family. A piece of history not lost due to our close family bond throughout the generations.

Sheila Merritt

A stuffed animal wearing a special Easter Bonnet created and sewn by my mother

kim horn

I always got a maple egg with a flower & my name scrolled on it with icing. Mom hid the eggs and she hid a golden German foil egg that opened to reveal peeps. The same basket was filled every year until I was 18. We would sit around my grandmas table piled high with delicious food. I cannot believe we let that ham & hardboiled eggs set out all afternoon!


a huge, gorgeous buttercream egg and it was ALL mine!!! my sisters got their favorite flavor in their own basket!


Fresh yellow PEEPS…but then you have to let them sit out and get stale and hard.

Nancy Crisino

A homemade cream egg that was made using mashed potatoes as a base ingredient & then dipped in dark chocolate & decorated


My favorite thing about Easter was getting a new pair of shoes filled with candy!

Lori Barden

When I was a child your basket was empty so you could fill it with the eggs you found. The joy was in the hunt.


When I was about 5 or 6 I got a book…..velveteen rabbit, and it was the first book I remeber that made my fall in love with reading. And it was from the Easter bunny of all creatures lol

Romayne Allen

White chocolate bunny…..I could make it last all summer…put in the freezer and cut off a piece every now and then. Sooo good.

Vicki Cook

I like to think that I was the best thing my mom ever got for Easter. I was born the day before it

John Garth Potter

The best thing ever for me— a wonderful antique watch. However—- Easter is my favorite holiday. The greatest gift of all is years of wonderful memories. best regards!

Pamela Roy

We used to have rattan baskets with the best chocolate bunnies. My dad, who died last year, loved to hide our baskets.

Cindy Zipter

Reese’s peanut butter eggs. And robin’s egg malted milkballs, if you lick the outside you could use them like blue lipstick!


The biggest chocolate bunny that I had ever seen along with a crème filled egg! Mmmmm.

Kate Zlevor

The best thing I ever got was the new pair of summer sandals I had been wanting.

Derek Bruun

The best thing I ever received in my Easter basket was homemade cupcakes filled with a Cadbury creme egg. I was thoroughly amazed!


the best thing I ever got was a real live peep! In those days they used to dye them colors (I know, not good) but as a kid I loved it, I got a lavendar one!