by Dr. Brent

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I hid the kids chocolate eggs on the windowsill one year, when we got up in the morning the sun melted the chocolate and it had dripped all down the window. My son said awww mommy the easter bunny poooped all over. I couldn’t stop laughing, we learned our lesson that year lol.

stas' trakul

in a Polish community on Holy Saturday, you take the Easter basket with a sample of all the food you are going to serve on Easter and load up the basket lined with a embrodiered linen liner and cover, also a bottle to have the priest bless the water , and then grandma and i would walk to the church and go to the Blessing of the Basket service where the priest sprinkled holy water over the basket , then grandma and i would walk home and set all the blessed food on a special plate for Easter Sunday and everyone would take a piece of the blessed food and eat it to symbolize prosperity for the rest of the year, the blessed Holy Water was placed by the crucifix in case a priest had to come to the house to bless a sick person or a new baby or bless the house for the year, i still do this every Holy Saturday, I have grandmas embrodered liner and cover for my basket and her bottle of holy water for my house to be blessed every year, and I always remember grandma and I getting the basket ready and the walk to the church and she would tell me stories of the old country,even when she could not walk anymore i pushed her in her wheelchair for our special day

Sandra Tavarez

Besides the yummy candy in the basket, my favorite item was a set of watercolor paints and colored pencils. I immediately set to work for hours drawing and painting flowers, landscapes and colorful sketches of models (I dreamed of being a fashion designer one day). Sadly, I did have to stop when my mom told me it was time for dinner with the family. Sigh.

Susan with the butterfly raincoat

Unfortunately, I don’t have a memorial Easter of any kind as a kid, however, I go the extra mile to make wonderful Easters for my grand kids. When my daughter was very young (we had a bunny at the time)….I placed bunny

droppings in the house to prove YES indeed there is a real Easter bunny. She was a believer for years!!