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by Josh and Brent

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Deonna Bishopp

The best thing I remember getting in my Easter Basket was this pad with a special marker that when you rubbed it on the paper, things appeared like magic! I was easily entertained & this to me was total magic!!

sandy mucciardi

I asked the Easter Bunny for a Ken doll for my Barbie. I got a 9″ Captain Kirk. Best gift because where his eyes met with an 11″ Barbie is a good story.

natalie yeoman

the best thing i ever got was $20 in my easter basket to me back then that was a lot of money

Kate Sparks

For me it was all about the new stuffed animal….well, and the candy!!

Lynette Harris

My Easter’s where great my big sister would get ever thing Pink and I would get every thing Blue for Easter even the chocolate bunnies had Pink and Blue in there ears. It was great.

Shannon Brown

A live, baby chick was the best thing I ever received in my Easter basket. The Easter Bunny frequently included live chicks and lop-eared bunnies in our baskets that went on to live happy, long lives. I even got a baby lamb one year.

Carol Falk

A floppy brim Easter hat that I’d been asking my mother for. Actually , she used the hat as the the basket and filled it with candy. Wore it to church that morning. Good memories.


Going Easter egg hunts with my two older sister. That’s when we could be a kid.

Cathy T. Carmichael

My best memory is when we woke up at my grandmother’s in Barre, Vermont on Easter morning. My sister opened the door to see the snow and in the snow we saw bunny tracks heading to and from the door. They bunny had left behind eggs for my brother, sister and I to find all over the house. 🙂