You do not need another cookbook.

When we began work on A Seat at the Table almost 3 years ago, we wanted to create a book that was much more than just another cookbook.

Quite frankly, almost everything you could ever want to cook can already be found online…in a hundred places or more.

But what if there was a recipe for something  better?

What if a cookbook could nourish in more ways than one?

In addition to 100+ recipes, we wrote a love story to our community and the story of the people that are as much a part of Beekman 1802 as we personally are.

And that philosophy of giving everyone a seat at the table even took hold in the production of the book.

Generally when anyone is putting together a cookbook, all the actual cooking for the book is done in a studio kitchen. It can be prepared and then immediately put in front of the photographer to snap the photo. The trade-off for this ease and convenience is that tons of food gets dumped into the trash at the end of the day.

We shot the photography for A Seat at the Table in Sharon Springs, and at the end of each day we would post on Facebook when we were going to be finished for the day. We piled all of the day’s work on the table, and anyone who wanted to stop for dinner did.

The cookbook literally fed the community–and that is the single best recipe in the world.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from those after-the-work dinners:




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by Josh and Brent

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Kate's Daughter

I’ve ordered our copy and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I really enjoy Rose Marie Trapani’s cooking, and her sharing on Our Sicilian Table. Collaborating with her was a fabulous idea!
Thank you for the back story. That makes owning the book even nicer.