Spring weather on the farm can be pretty unpredictable. The Mohawk Valley has its fair share of torrential rainstorms and freak heat waves to keep all of its inhabitants guessing. For us, this topsy-turvy weather leads to us going through a lot of weather gear, especially umbrellas.

From an umbrella that has faded from too many beautiful Spring afternoons to the umbrella that couldn’t handle a sudden downpour while we walked the fields with önder, we have a lot of extras hanging around the house. This DIY is a great way to repurpose them.


  • Umbrella (Walkingstick style with a wood handle)
  • Florals (fresh or faux)
  • Floral tubes (for use with fresh flowers)
  • Ribbon
  • Wreath Hanger


Lay the florals down next to the closed umbrella and trim the flower stems to the appropriate length. They should be no longer than the bottom of the metal frame inside of the umbrella.


Unbuckle the umbrella strap. Now place your flowers inside of the umbrella. They should be standing straight up, just like they would if they were in a vase.

Once the florals are arranged to your liking, grab the ribbon and tie it in place of the umbrella strap. Make sure the ribbon is secured and will not untie. The ribbon should keep the umbrella closed and secure the stems in an orderly place.

Place your wreath hanger on the door and set the handle on the hanger. Who needs that welcome mat when you have fresh flowers to say hello?


by Aray Till

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