Most of you know how much we travel. A friend of ours made a set like this as a gift for us. We thought it was cute, but didn’t really expect to use it. Still, we tossed it in our bag to be polite, and you know what? We pull it out a lot! Such a relief from staring at our phone screens at the same old email chains and breaking news “alerts.” Plus it gets us talking to each other. Always a good way to pass the time.


  • Silicone Molds
  • Polymer Oven Bake Clay
  • Muslin Carry Bag
  • Chalk
  • Oven


Preheat oven based on instructions of the clay. Ours was to bake at 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

Knead clay into small pieces.

Fill silicone mold trays with small pieces of clay, packing the mold firmly. Smooth clay flush into the mold.

Place mold into the oven, bake for the time recommended on clay instructions. Ours was to bake for 15 minutes.

Let clay and mold cool, remove hardened clay from slots.

Pack a piece of chalk with tic tac toe pieces in to-go bags and play away.

by Josh and Brent

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