When he has free time, Josh can’t resist a village-wide garage sale day. Hunting for great vintage finds like stationary boxes and postcards is a thrill one must experience themselves to truly understand it.

If you’re a garage sale expert like Josh, you can use the vintage cards and containers you find during your adventures to create this noteworthy date keeper.


  • Unfinished Wooden Box
  • Wood Stain
  • Wood Stain Brush
  • Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Post Cards (vintage)
  • Index Cards


Our wooden box came with a top, but we decided to remove the top since it is not needed. Using a screwdriver, take off the tiny screws from the hinges to remove the top. Discard top, hinges and screws.

Stain the box with desired color stain. In a well-ventilated area, begin to dip the brush into the can of stain, brushing excess stain off the brush when pulling it out. Brush stain in the direction of the wood grain, until all areas are covered. Set to dry.

Allow stain to dry overnight or follow the directions on the can. While box is drying, begin stamping your months. We used these clicking letter stamps to make sure our words were aligned. Stamp the month in the upper right-hand corner of the vintage postcard, with the card being in a portrait orientation. If desired, stamp the index cards with days of the month. Organize and place in the box.



by Josh and Brent

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Honora Carlin,Toronto

Gave your TSC showstopper to a friend who had seen you for years,she loves it! Just now my Philadelphia friend called to get your phone/ email number,etc.,for her self and her personal care worker. Told her worker about the goat cam as she has grandchildren!
I can’t wait to see you both in November! Happy Thanksgiving when it gets here for you! We love the parade,and dog show every year!
By the way,is there any way Canadians can mail gifts to their families and friends in the USA? I spend a fortune sending the soaps etc, by mail from up here!
Also,is there a cheaper,easier way for Canadians to order other Beekman products from your mercantile?
Thanks, Neighbors!🇨🇦/🇱🇷🌍

Samantha Craig

I’m so happy to have found you on HSN. My email has been “wonkey” so I did not find out that way. I just call the office like neighbors do.
My mom said I have enough if your stuff to last me years. Funny she takes it home with her I could not believe my luck, I got to speak to you live on HSN. You all are the only presenters I’ve even tried that for in all my years of TV shopping 😊 Please tell Josh l’m reading his book that came wit a bounty box for the third time and still “finding out” new stuff.