Growing up, Josh was always decorating his bikes. From stickers to streamers to bright orange safety flags to poorly spray painted “flames”…if it could be attached to a bike, it was on Josh’s. He even used the old clothes pins and playing cards trick so that his bike sounded like a motorcycle. Kind of. Not really. (It also really ticked off his bridge-playing grandmother.)

If you’re still the kind of person who likes to accessorize their wheels (but tastefully now cuz you’re a grownup) you can create your own bike basket sturdy enough to hold your belongings and customized it to fit your individual style. Just remember, “More is Never Enough.”


  • Wood
  • String
  • Saw
  • Clamp
  • Pencil
  • Wood Nails
  • Wood glue
  • Ruler
  • Sandpaper block



Measure the arms of the bicycle. Find an appropriate length, width and height for your bike. We measured keeping in mind the curvature of the bars and the metal plate over the tire. We measure our basket to be 10-inches wide by 8-inches in depth by 11-inches high.

Pick your wood, remembering to stay light with the wood for weight reasons. We chose faux pallet wood boards found at Lowes. Tip: Companies are always putting pallets on the side of the road for the taking. Next, make the markings on the boards to cut.

Cut the boards. You will need 6 pieces cut to 5.5-inches wide by 10-inches long and 4 pieces cut to 5.5-inches wide by 8-inch long.

Brush up the edges with the sandpaper block to clean the edges.


Take 2 of the same pieces of wood and glue 1 of the edges lengthwise. Place the same matching piece together, clamp and let dry. Instructions on the wood glue will direct how long to dry. You will have 2 sets of the 8-inch-long wood and 3 sets of the 10-inch-long wood.

Once they are dry, start to align the box together. Asking for a second hand from someone will be very helpful. Align the box together and nail enough nails on each edge to secure the box tightly.

Drill 2 holes at desired length apart on one side of the open box. Then string the string through the holes for ties to the bike.

Enjoy your ride with the new basket.


by Josh and Brent

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