Have you ordered your seeds for spring yet? (You can get the seeds we grow in the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Garden here.) Sometimes, in the dead of winter, gardeners need a little veggie porn. So if you’re feeling a little libidinous, we pulled together some of our favorite garden shots over the years. Enjoy in private :



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  • By: Katy

    Last summer I took pictures of my garden’s squash flowers and plan to frame them for my front porch. I agree, these pics would make a great calendar or cards for the Beekman 1802.

  • By: Kaley Edens

    Love it all; I can’t wait for Spring. Just received my seed order from Landreth’s this past week! 🙂

  • By: ConnieW.

    This definitely got me excited! I need to take a cold shower!

  • By: Cathy

    Kudos on whomever wrote this. You have a way with words 😉

  • By: jeda1981

    Such amazing pictures and beautiful produce! 🙂 Oh, bet you had fun writing this 😉 :* Thank you, as always! <3 Hooray Beekman 1802!

  • By: Jane

    Great pictures! My daughter is into photography too. The last time we were in town she took some pictures of Sharon Springs architecture that may not exist in the future. What kind of camera took those beautiful shots?

      • By: Jane

        Thank you for your response! She has a cannon rebel. I know you must be so busy but I must let you know how amazing it is when you answer questions! Love you guys!

  • By: The Other Martha

    All these photo’s would make great cards for Beekman . I’m good at writing and could come up with the greetings inside.

  • By: N

    Great pics guys, bug how long did it take you to think up all those “dirty” phrases?

  • By: Marie Chilcote

    No, I haven’t ordered my seeds for Spring yet. We have a greenhouse in our garage that needs to be put together. And I spend my days reading (George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones) But I am also putting together stained glass panels for our patio: flowers and birds and butterflies and turtles. We live in Washington State so we can’t plant anything outside until JUNE. I’ll be ready by then.

  • By: sue tolbert

    I feel so much healthier after traveling through the garden. The antioxidants have filled the air. sue t.

  • By: Kenn

    I’m kind of all tingly now… can’t wait to dig in the dirt again.

  • By: Nantucketdaffodil

    These pictures are stunning and make miss gardening in our raised bed garden. I like your seed choices, but I must ask…gmo free?

  • By: Christine Coggeshall

    I sit in my house. Freezing cold outside and in my head I am planning my garden for the spring. It is the only thing to get you through this weather. I loved your pictures. Thanks for the “porn”, it did this gal a world of good.

  • By: Roberta Schober

    Has Josh quit his job now that you two won The Amazing Race? I’ve been waiting to see the premier of this year’s show. Didn’t know about the cooking show, definitely going to check it out. Good luck in all your ventures!

  • By: Alice (@BritinTaylor)

    There are so much vegetables,this is totally I would loved this so much!! Thanks for sharing this awesome blog,Josh&Brent!! 🙂

  • By: nlforst

    You guys crack me up! All those veggies look fantastic. (I know the horror, I’m not much of a veggie person, but those would make me consider trying some more).

  • By: Teri

    those are some damn sexy veggies. I can’t wait to get the hands dirty. have been thinking of what I will do different this year, what I will plant, etc.

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