At Juniper Hill Inn in Vermont we saw a clever idea for masking the unattractive “faux candle” stems that are standard on most chandeliers.

Measure the diameter and height of the stem.  Using sheets of bees wax that can be purchased at any crafting store, simply cut the appropriate-sized piece and wrap it around the plastic sheath.  Cut the piece to be tall enough so that the top edge of the sheet meets the light bulb.  (After a few hours in place, the heat from the light will make the edge melt and drip just a tiny bit making it look even more authentic.) You can blend the area where the two ends of the sheet meet with your finger.

No glue or adhesive is necessary.  The heat from the light bulb will make the wax tacky enough to hold in place.

by Josh and Brent

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I love this idea. Beautiful to look at and the fragrance from beeswax is divine. I suggest obtaining your beeswax from a local bee keeper if you are able. So many communities have one or more local suppliers for honey; contact the apiary (bee yard) on the label. Support your neighbors and keep those dollars local 🙂

Catherine Kurczynski

Great idea! I’m going to do this on the front hall “candle” chandelier. Thanks! Cathybytheriver


We have a chandelier in our dining room that I despise, but I can’t really afford to replace it. This could be just what I have needed to “deal with it” for a while longer! Thanks!