“There’s a Hole in My Bucket” is a German children’s song that originate in the 1700s. The song is based on a dialogue about a leaky bucket between two characters, called Henry and Liza. The song describes a deadlock situation: Henry has got a leaky bucket, and Liza tells him to repair it. But to fix the leaky bucket, he needs straw. To cut the straw, he needs an axe. To sharpen the axe, he needs to wet the sharpening stone. To wet the stone, he needs water. However, when Henry asks how to get the water, Liza’s answer is “in a bucket”. It is implied that only one bucket is available — the leaky one, which, if it could carry water, would not need repairing in the first place.

Most certainly William Beekman’s children would have sang it and children still sing it today. That’s an heirloom! And it has inspired our design for this collection of ceramics.

Watch the making of this heirloom:


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The B. 1802 Rural Artist Collective creates modern implements using traditional craftsmanship and production methods.  Each product is hand-made.  We are pleased to introduce Sunny Leinhart.






by Josh and Brent

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suzanne spina

My daughter Audrey is in advanced pottery at her high school which is very much into the arts living in Old Lyme with the Old Lyme Art Academy right across the street from her school. She has shown at numerous art shows over the years at the Academy. We have a deep appreciation of the craft and these are wonderful “vessels of light” in my opinion.