In the true nature of Beekman 1802, where we believe in doing it yourself and in sharing, we like the fans of the shows to do the recaps.

Since this week’s episode is all about where food comes from and about the creation of our first Beekman 1802 cookbook, we thought we’d see if you can do a re-cap in recipe format (2 cups of this, a dash of that).  Give your recipe a clever name.

Leave your recipe recap for this week’s episode in the comments section below.

Remember that your goal is not only to fill people in on what happened but also to inspire newcomers to tune in.

Let’s see what you can cook up.

by Josh and Brent

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Venus Cole

The Fabulous Heirloom Episode Summary Recipe

2 sprigs freshly LAVENDERed control freak- deflowered

½ c. mild mannered, “but I’m gonna put my foot down” pitted ripe CHERRIES

1 heaping Tablespoon of COMPROMISE


¼ c. melted squishy sweet marshmallows

1 big pinch of the secret weapon whose “taking no prisoners”


3 sprigs freshly LAVENDERed control freak- deflowered

Pinch of Salt

1-2 T grape seed oil

More freshly LAVENDERed control freak- deflowered for garnish

Toss veggies in oil, 3 sprigs freshly LAVENDERed control freak- deflowered & pinch of salt. ROAST veggie mixture for about 45min. Lightly puree first 6 ingredients together. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Plate ROASTED vegetables. Dollop Heirloom Puree onto vegetables. Garnish puree with a sprig of freshly LAVENDERed control freak. Bon appetit!

Sue Young

You Say Heritage, I Say Heirloom!

1 glorified cashier destined for operational excellence

Several gallons of missing milk

1 dash of Mariah avoidance

1 heirloom recipe cookbook, or is it heritage recipe cookbook?

1 dollop of micromanagement by "you know who"

1 awesome auction benefitting local farmers

1 casserole of eggplant that Brent wished was a sandwich

1 photographer who dared to use dry lavender

Allison Rogers

Farm Fresh Funny

2 sweet Beekman Boys

1 Beekman cookbook idea

51% control (oh, that 1%!)

1 cookbook pitch

A pinch of bickering over cookbook title

Generous dashes of charity (organic)

1 not quite so perfect picture

fresh lavender

Mix together into half hour episode; will hopefully serve enough people to ensure a third season.

Janae Sebranek

To New York, add:

4 bushels fresh cherries

10 gallons goat milk (may be on backorder)

40 crates assorted heirloom vegetables

1 eggplant (optional)

Huge helpings each of vision, compromise, and trust

Mix well with two kind-hearted, forward-thinking, hard-working and thoroughly lovable individuals.*

*At first, these may appear to be hard to come by. Look a little more closely at the world and you'll find more than you might think.


Like Water for Tomatoes

10 Packets Beekman Heirloom Seeds

3 Bushels Inspiration and Guts

51% Control

Good measure of Love

A Bunch of Patience and Time

Poached in Riesling and Light for as long as it takes.


The "perfect" cookbook

15 heaping pounds of anal retentiveness

8 pounds of obsessive compulsive disorder

7 ounces of Brent complaining

Add more fore extra kick

1/2 ounce of llama spit (polkie got mad because she wasn't in this episode)

6 pounds of late soap

3 pounds of fresh pumpkin

And garnish with a dash of dry lavender


Creative Differences

– a dash of control (let's say 51%)

– a pinch of drama with milk and soap

– an ounce of non-confrontation 

– a lot of money at an auction

– a touch of trying something new

Mix all the ingredients together and you have the new Beekman 1802 cookbook.


No Eggplant Pie

3 lbs. Successful farming

2 c. Compromise

1 c. Love and Control

2 tsp.FRESH lavender

Dash of Alexis Carrington

Mix, laugh,and serve hot. Enjoy!