In the true nature of Beekman 1802, where we believe in doing it yourself and in sharing, we like the fans of the shows to do the recaps.

So many of the viewers follow along with us as we Tweet through each episode  (most people don’t realize that we see each episode for the first time when it airs—not before), that we thought we’d see if they do manage a recap in 14o characters or less.

Can you do it?

Leave your recap for this week’s episode in the comments section below.

Remember that your goal is not only to fill people in on what happened but also to inspire newcomers to tune in.

We’ll tweet out the re-cap that we thought captured the episode the best.

by Josh and Brent

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Llamas and goats and sheep and pig and cats make the Beekman Boys world a beauty for us all to enjoy.


Cut the cheese & get ready 4 food fights – Rosie visits the harvest festival!

77 characters (about)

teri tighe

Josh wants laughs and model walking on farm tours! Everyone else wants cheese. Too many people, too little cheese.


Remember, everyone, call ahead this year and I'm sure you too can reserve a wheel of cheese!

Ken Newman

Harvest Fest2 chaos,5000+Rosie!Cheese sells out,bitching as usual,

sumptuous feast,fun farm tours,Farmer John steps in,big success!


Harvest Festival with reservations for dinner, a pact is made but bickering is a form of communication, love from Rosie but no drinks, Josh gives tours, Farmer John gets laughs, "I told you so's" all around, back to the cheese cave Blaak man, and Brent says empty the garbage.


Rosie O'Donnell drove 100 miles to buy a wheel of @Beekman1802Boys Blaak at Fall Fair.Too bad it's all gone.Can Polka Spot can save the day?


Fall is in the air, cheese is not everywhere, but the love between Josh and Brent keep the farm and festival alive and well. These two farmers really know how to inspire.


Fall. Fun. Fabulous. Closer to josh's dreams every day… If Brent would just listen!

Eve Stavros

Sooty boys, a cheese-less fest, "Rosie can wait", Josh drives farm tour visitors round the bend, John's the last comic standing

Pamela Murphy

Festival is a success, Rosie-surprise guest, tours, goats, SOME cheese;( Smiles all around. Josh and Brent's world is pretty enviable to me!