For Season 1 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we had famed author James Frey re-cap each week’s episode.  Hilarious!  To make a good recap, you have to encapsulate the important story points of the episode but still make it entertaining.

To see how James did, click here

But in the true nature of Beekman 1802, where we believe in doing it yourself and in sharing, we want the fans to do the recaps.

Leave your recap for the this week’s episode in the comments section below.

Remember that your goal is not only to fill people in on what happened but also to inspire newcomers to tune in.  Can you do it?

by Josh and Brent

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@Jessalynn – Sent you an email!

@Teri – I liked those lines too. Very useful with my own family members.

teri tighe

My favorite lines:

"This magical land in your head where everything just happens because you want it to? Is it fun there?", says Josh.

"I'm having a good time", says Brent, with a smile.


Now for what should have been said: "Why are you having a pickle for breakfast?" "I'm pregnant." The reaction shot would've been priceless.


I want to know if the shot of Martha’s donkettes was staged! Did you see how perfectly they were standing as a trio? Note to self: look for job postings for “donkey stylist.”


@JessaLynn Damn girl, you’re good. Rhyming is not easy. Can I hire you to do Limericks for the next tribute I have to give at a party?!

Byron Parrett

why must they always be making nasty remarks to each other……That was cute at first but has now grown old desist guys

Joy Aldridge

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Beekman boys!!!! I am so excited about season two but sad that the show is only 30 minutes long. I can hardly wait for Tuesday night to roll around so I can see what the boys are up to. Last night was just too good- the barnraising/repair party was the SWEET! I would have been there in a New York minute paint brush in hand. My dream would be to visit Beekman Farm and meet the boys!


I got many Laughs! Wish I could have been there with my Paintbrush. Dinner looked Wonderful. I liked how old planter boxes blew off with big kick. And big splash in the pool is great stress relief.

The Barn Cake was Great! PokaSpot included on the cake! Genus.

Only downside to the show is it's too darn short! 60 Min Show Please!

Sue Gaynor

Season 2 Week 2

Season two continues with more delights and a little naughtiness. We continue traveling with the boys as they deliver New Zealand black sheep to Martha Stewart’s impeccable farm and then head back home to their beloved goats and town.

The adorable sheep are carefully placed in the back of a van on top of covers to protect the vehicle and to make the sheep more comfortable, including grass (Brent thinks of everything). As always, one animal gets loose. This time it’s a sheep and Josh dives for and rescues it. After changing clothes on the side of the road down to their skivvies (nice touch) they finally make it to Martha’s.

After some discussion/confussion, Martha chooses the two. Josh notices the barn smells like lemon as she shows off her tiny asses (donkeys).

Back at home, Farmer John reluctantly meets Lady and BaBa, who he thinks are evil, and is especially annoyed when Brent suggests a big black board so he can write his to-do-list for John there. Rick stops by to put up a wind turbine that looks more like a piece of art.

Brent notices that their barn isn’t quite as quaint as Martha’s and suggests an old fashioned “Barn Raising” without the raising. Josh, the working half, totes around town putting up flyers and asking for help in exchange for food. Brent, the idea half, gets Dan, the Awesome Man, to help lead the working team that doesn’t seem to be coming.

Finally some workers arrive with food, some ready to work and some mostly to look good. Hot, sweaty men! Brent does have some great ideas!! But, Brent isn’t happy as men run from the pool in makeshift suits that have to be fuzzed out for the camera. Fortunately, the church people didn’t see anything especially under the kilt.

Dinner is a huge feast of chicken and sausage (grilled beautifully by Josh); dishes brought by the guests and topped off with Josh’s fabulous barn cake with even a lemon llama. All ends well as the barn is shining in the sun and Brent and Josh toast their friends and thank them for being a part of the history of the Beekman.

teri tighe

Brent’s To Do List for Martha:

1. Drop pants at nearest rest stop to be fresh for Martha

2. Put bow on sheep to present to Martha

3. Paint baby gate to present final gift to Martha

4. Put band aid on Josh’s near fatal bloody finger

5. Freshen up grass in van to be presentable for Martha

6. Present rams to Martha

7. Explain to Martha that there are many types of “pairs” in the world

8. Purchase Tiny Ass because Martha has several

9. Get Josh to pay for Tiny Ass

Brent’s To Do List for Barn Raising via “Brent’s Magical Fantasy World”

1. Brent is Supervisor

2. Handyman Dan is foreman

3. Polka Spot is Queen Bee Observer

4. Have window boxes fixed that wind blew off side of barn

5. Install chalk board for more “To Do Lists” in barn for John’s chores

6. Organize Barn Raising party

7. Volunteer Josh to do all cooking

8. Volunteer Josh to put up flyers

9. Suggest that villagers bring side dishes

10. Make sure no naked people swim in pool

11. Make sure men in kilts don’t climb ladders

12. Sell lots of lemonade

13. Make sure everyone has a great time!

suzanne spina

The barn raising was a GREAT episode 3, but I have to say the sight of Josh with an apron on and flashing his butt just cracked me up! And the "church couple" turning on their heels when they saw the three men standing there soaking wet out of the pool like three boys caught in the act. You can't write that stuff in!!! So funny.


Brent and Josh deliver a "pair" of goats to Marthas and during the visit, Brent gets "barn envy", so the boys make plans for a "barn raising" to get some much needed renovations done. As usual, Brent is the executor/delegator and everyone is at his mercy. A windspire is 'raised'; Brent micromanages the barn painting while Josh works hard, cooking for the group and making a lemon flavored 'barn' cake to honor Marthas lemony scented barn. Great community support for the boys!

Jessalynn Bills

A pair of sheep for Martha with a bow on top

Brent convinced Josh of a needed pit stop.

Meet her tiny asses in her lemon stables

pack up in the car and talk of Martha's labels.

bringing Farmer John his unwanted sheep

too bad Martha's barn doesn't come so cheap

Handyman Dan coming to the rescue

Lied bout the window box adding to the fix queue

Surprise dinner for a barn raising party

hope Josh's meal is really nice and hearty.

Work kilts and posters all around the town

cuz if Josh doesn't do it Brent will surely frown.

Dr Brent is first in command

Handyman Dan better meet the demand

Working hard outside, painting right to left

12 layer cake shows Josh is very deft

Communal dinner to end it all

Brents ending speech made me bawl!

Delia DD

It was sunny & 70 degrees today, the first real day of spring. Husband made a delicious cucumber & tomato salad, cheeseburgers on the grill. Am I content? You bet, but not for those reasons. The boys are back in town: Sharon Springs, that is! Season 2 is underway and Martha is making an appearance. She's anxiously awaiting a delivery from Brent & Josh. The black sheep of their family are just too cute! As they take the long drive to Martha's farm, Brent wants to freshen up before arriving. Josh just wants the road trip to be over. Josh finally acquiesces & they both change clothes by the side of the road. (If any of their Beek Geeks fans had driven by, there would have been a major car wreck. Josh looked fabulous in his undies.) They arrive at Martha's. Sexual confusion ensues. Later, Brent gets very inspired & hires someone to spruce up the barn. Enter Handyman Dan. Brent also organizes an old fashioned barnraising.

I'm married to a Dr. Brent type. After 32 years, here's my advice to Brent:

1. Always let Josh have his coffee before you mention any chores.

2. Chalkboard for chores? No. Spit.

The lady who made the hall monitor remark should be a regular! I really want to see more of her!

The barn looked fabulous and a good time was had by almost all.