For Season 1 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we had famed author James Frey re-cap each week’s episode.  Hilarious!  To make a good recap, you have to encapsulate the important story points of the episode but still make it entertaining.

To see how James did, click here

But in the true nature of Beekman 1802, where we believe in doing it yourself and in sharing, we want the fans to do the recaps.

Leave your recap for the this week’s episode in the comments section below.

Remember that your goal is not only to fill people in on what happened but also to inspire newcomers to tune in.  Can you do it?


by Josh and Brent

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1.Polkie’s Sinead O’Connor look – I’m not feelin’ it. She needs to grow her locks back and f…k that electric fence.
2.Dr. Brent I can’t quite believe you took your levelor to the fence!
3. Josh, you know you’d never get rid of your Diva.
4. Sneaking baby sheep into that beautiful B & B??? Really?
5. If Brent’s family can’t accept Josh, can I adopt you both? I’ll spoil you.
xxoo. Season 2 rocks!


Love,love,love your show.

With the lama, when you had her shaved did you have someone turn it into yarn? That could help your sales.

Same with your new sheep. Will you be having someone spin your yarn? I usually buy yarn from a person who spins it and I love using it.


Johanna R

In episode one as you will now see,

Polka Spot devours Beekman's shrubbery with glee!

To Brent's obvious horror and much dismay,

Our poor llama girl does Josh threaten to send away.

Good farmer John finally quits his non-goating position,

While Josh is remains bereft of his dream farming ambition.

Brent and John to the local Agway they zoom,

In a secret quest to avert a certain quadruped's doom.

But Brent confesses over a glass of white wine,

With Josh's fireworks exploding within a short time.

The gauntlet is dropped and Brent's challenge is conceived,

For a million dollars the Beekman business will achieve!

Lastly the fence is on and Polky sports a new do,

And with a parting glance she gives us a great big "screw you"!


Season Premier:

Brent and Farmer John conspire against Josh and put up a fence to keep PolkaSpot from making her ninja escape moves. Josh has made it clear no fence–costs too much. Also not happy miss thing ate the apple trees, possibly damaging them, which means no apples for apple pie. No apple pie would be a travesty of epic proportions. Josh was a bit whiny this episode. But that's okay, because he's just so damn cute. Josh is frustrated that Farmer John has realized his dream of being a full time farmer, Brent is realizing his dream of…I don't know, being more OCD, creating more to do lists, hanging full time on the farm. Poor Josh is still schleping to the cubicle farm, languishing…not being able to be at the Beekman full time. His angst is palpable, he's working like a circus pony to support all of this but doesn't seem to be reaping much of the rewards. One could argue that having a super cute boyfriend such as Brent is reward enough. One could, but it would be a bunch of crap. Brent assures him it's his dream to make the farm business profitable enough to get Josh on the farm full time too. Brent's expression as he says this is super serious. I don't think he's said that to appease Josh, I think he really means it. And that is the sweetest thing ever. Love is compromise, love can inspire us to achieve amazing things. But Josh, if Brent offers another glass of wine…take it and run like hell!

Pround Mom of a Gay

Polka Spot trying to make a run for it… priceless…Getting all her hair shaved, that didn't make her happy…

Brent going behind Josh's back to save Polka Spot… Seeing Brent shoe shopping at Agway.. priceless again…

I will never forget the look on Brent's face when they were stopped on the side of the road talking about Brent's family. Hope you get to join your family on the farm full time this year Josh. I know I'm buying your books and your Beekman 1802 products to help you achieve your dream.

Maureen Wilson

During the show's banter in which Josh was losing faith about ever being able to be at the farm full time, I wanted to get up and start going door to door advocating the importance of buying Beekman products and securing the million dollars Josh feels he needs to leave NYC. I felt so helpless for him at that moment. Your show inspires me to realize the importance of simple living, and honest loving.

s. Nicholas

Josh stops at side of road. Confronts Brent with the fact that he doesn't want to take Josh to see his family. Brent is sitting in backseat with lambs. He says, "that's not true" and by the tone of his voice and the look on his face, it so obviously is. Priceless. My favorite moment. Love you both!

Deb K

"I thought we decided not to do that " …then the famous look.. hahahaha and the quick answere …My favorite part of the show!

Alison Heafey

So happy that your show is back on air! I look forward to seeing whats going on at The Beekman! What I remember most was wanting to make "Save Polkaspot – BUY BEEKMAN" and then "Save Josh – BUY BEEKMAN" t-shirts!! If we all order products, we can help realize both of your (and Polkaspots) dreams!!

Susannah Snyder

Aii I can is I did not answer the phone last night when it rang during the show….I mean come on people The Beekman Boys are back so leave me alone. I love the whole show but it would be nice if it was an hour long!

Anna Menth

The show was fantastic, I enjoyed every minute of it, It made me laugh,cry and get upset, but the part about Josh wanting to meet Brents family hurt me the most, My heart broke for Josh, and by the same token when i saw Brents face, he devastated me also, Some family members do not accept their relatives lifestyle, and i feel so bad for them, they are missing out on wonderful warm, loving people…Brent, Josh feel free to visit me anytime i so enoy both of you………….

Kim Burgess

Buckle up (or, fence yourself in) for what's bound to be a season plentiful in laughter, new concepts & dialogue to mull between our two favorite gents; animals that rule, and farmers who warm the heart. The premier was beautifully captured and steeped in evolution and symbolism.

As a viewer, I was moved various times thru exchanges between Brent and Josh, where the discourse centered around important decisions, and the unspoken consequence of emotional aftermath.

Specifically, I found the fence (literally) a great solution to Polka's possible danger in venturing into traffic, and I'm thrilled she's still with the family. From another perspective, the fence symbolizes boundary of decision making (Brent taking the lead of action without bringing in Josh first). I also considered the fence symbolic toward the end, as Josh being fenced out of certain areas of Brent's family life. Lastly (for me anyway) the fence symbolizes the distance between Josh remaining at the Farm full-time (in the same manner as Brent and now Farmer J are).

Relationships are complex, and new business start-ups add spare nuance to the equation. I adore Brent and Josh, and find they compliment one another perfectly. I am excited to see how the rest of this phase pans out, and what will become of the new black sheep wool (another possible symbol) or…at the very least some really cool socks & sweaters!

Marguerite Yarnell

The show was fantastic guys…..oh, I did so enjoy…..what I saw was a sadness in Brent's eyes when Josh wanted to go and visit with Brent's family…..I know the time will come but life is so short I wish it could be for them now…….you guys are wonderful together…….thanks for all you do to make our lives happier…..

Mike O'Connor

Polka Spot is acting out because Daddies have to spend so much time apart. She is running the risk of getting shipped off to the Chadwick School for Girls for being unruly and uncooperative. Brent has enlisted the help of Farmer John so an electric fence can be installed to allow Miss Polkie to stay at the farm. Farmer John's hunky brother-in-laws install it and Josh arrives from the city and is annoyed that Brent went behind his back and had this work done without his authorization. Brent being the pragmatist explains why it was necissary.

Josh is hurt to learn that Farmer John is able to work on the farm full time and it seems that everyone is getting what they want except for him, he being stuck toiling long hours at the advertising agency (hard work, it's not like "Mad Men") it's 60-80 hour work weeks.

The retail store has been doing a brisk business and Brent has hired staff to help out, allowing him and Josh to take a road trip to North Carolina to get 4 rare black sheep, which brings us to….

Episode 2:

Josh and Brent take a trip to North Carolina to get 4 rare, fabulous black sheep , 2 of which are to be given to Martha Stewart ( maybe she is starting a new season of The Apprentice ). Josh is miffed because it seems like more of a business trip than a carefree road trip (which it is) but if Brent plans on reaching the 1 million dollar goal from the business to allow Josh to be at the farm full time, to paraphrase Miranda Priestly, " these choices are NECISSARY".

They avoid visiting Brent's family because Brent thinks it would be disrespectful to make them deal with a situation that they are not prepared for. Josh doesn't agree, he is afraid Brent might not get another opportunity to see his aged grandparents. This is a very sad realization of the prejudices that they, as gay men, are faced with.

They stop off at a "pet friendly" bed and breakfast and Josh has to sneak the sheep in while Brent runs interference with the owner, while Josh complains about being forced to act as Little Bo Peep….

Tune in next week when the Boys finally make it to Martha's farm in Bedford, to the most unnaturally clean barn in existence.

suzanne spina

To my shock and disbelief Josh wanted to send that poor llama to the llama rescue people. I am still not over that one even as I type this…

Seriously, two great episodes.

The van outfitted with the sheep was extremely clever and a very great idea with the grass and all. It was a very bittersweet moment when Josh and Brent were parked by the side of the highway talking about visiting Brent's family.

Another moment that touched me was when Josh and Brent talked about making each other's dreams come true. I believe only two people who have been together a long time can say things like this and REALLY mean it their hearts.

Can't wait for next week.

Eve Stavros

Episode 2, Black Sheep of the Family, takes our Fab duo and their fans on a ride, literally (for J & B) and figuratively for viewers as we are treated to frustration, laughs, tears, and the odd moment of surrealism. To cheer him up, Josh is taken on a romantic getaway to spend 14 hours driving sheep through the wilds of North Carolina. Despite the Bo-peepish comic relief, some heady emotions surface as the two explore Brent's family issues of acceptance. Fans will be shouting "Turn the wheel, Josh!!!" as the Ridge family exit approaches. I know I was. But, their road tonight leads to a charming thatched B&B where Josh smuggles in the baaagage and engages the little lambies in bathroom humor as Brent distracts the owner. Baaaaaa-brilliant!


Polkaspot was trying to get to the beauty parlor and Josh said if she tries to leave again,she goes! Farmer John and Brent conspire to keep her in with an electric fence. They think she's worth it,Polka knows she's worth it,and I think deep inside Josh thinks so too,but he is jealous of her beauty. Then Josh & Brent go on a long road trip to get themselves and Martha 4 baa baa black sheep. They had a very heartbreaking conversation about seeing Brent's family. I think Polka has secretly emailed the sheep to poop on the floor to get Josh back for even THINKING about making polka leave. The End

Andre Jones

Polkaspot, the llama, jumps the goat fence and fancy's her freedom, amid the traffic and danger. This heeds caution for Dr. Ridge to build a more elaborate fence; equaling the height and stature of Jurassic Park.

Then as an addition to the wants and needs of the farm, it escalates as he made plans to purchase a black exotic breed of sheep, only known in far away parts of the country, which he ties into a vacation of passion and intrigue. The give away is when Brent (Dr. Ridge) orders up a mini-van at the airport and customizes it into a livestock trailer-unbeknown to Josh, who is fitting the bill, working day and night at a stressful job in New York City. Josh's side of the story is compared to the Scene where Humphrey Bogart is pulling the African Queen through the glades pulling leeches off his skin saying, "I hate leeches!"

teri tighe

Episode 1 – Brent bribes Josh with wine so he won't be pissed that Brent went behind his back and got the fence installed to keep Polka Spot. Brent loves Polka Spot and wants to make her the break-out star of the Beekman farm. Evidence: Polka has more facebook friends than Josh and Brent, individually. Luckily the apple trees were saved, for how long, we will find out. Polka's fans were relieved that she didn't go to Llama Rescue. Josh punishes Polka by having her whole body waxed…I mean shaved. Polka is embarrassed because show now has no fur and the goats, Farmer John and Jason are teasing her.

Episode 2: Josh wants to go antiquing but Brent doesn't want to leave the store. Josh demands, Brent makes faces but finally agrees. Brent makes Josh pay by making it a "Martha" weekend and they go down south to pick up sheep for the Queen Bee. Brent wants to make the sheep comfortable so he books a room at a quaint B&B for all of them. Sheep make a mess of the room, Inn Keeper finds out the next day and runs them out of the B&B. Martha, Martha, Martha…will she ever leave Brent and Josh and their antiquing weekends, in peace?

(this is my fun version, no animosity was involved in the telling of these stories.)

Eve Sta

Episode 1, Llama Drama, has the divine diva teetering on the brink of banishment to llama rescue lland as Josh and Brent struggle over her love of apple tree bark, fence-jumping, and non-existent sheep-herding skills. Drinks all around for Farmer John as he celebrates his now full-time devotion to his beloved goats, while Josh heads back to the city in pouty dudgeon. Brent & John, overcoming last season's tension, bond on a glam-shopping trip to the local feed & seed as they conspire together to implement "LlamaGate". Josh returns to find the fence "fait accompli" and is pissed, mostly because he missed the shirtless hunks who built it. All's well that ends… well, with Polkie losing her locks in a shear battle of wills.


Brent needs to be less negative. Polka shows her true spots. Brent wants me to buy him Mega Millions Lottery Ticket (300 Million) so Josh can take vacation and quit working in NYC.

6 States are looking for Josh and Brent for Crossing State Lines with Farm Animals without proper paperwork.

Great Shows. Shame they are only 30min long. PG are you reading. We need hour show. Feature Length Film would be nice!


Josh wants to send Polkaspot to llama rescue to avoid building expensive electric fence to keep her in. Brent feels llama affinity and goes behind Josh's back (w/Farmer John's help) to build fence. Josh becomes distraught that he is the one paying for everyone's 'fantasy farm' and he isn't getting his fantasy. Brent reassures Josh he is working to make his fantasy come true and agrees to $1M revenue goal to bring Josh home. Polkaspot gets a not so attractive haircut, so she can be punished by the new electric fence, while Josh makes jokes about 'shaving his llama'.

Thom Mullins

In Llama Drama, the season two premiere of the FBB, Polka Spot's addiction to apples has her going Sheen since she keeps jumping fences. Brent orchestrates a fence intervention, but Josh isn't ready to invest another dime on the out of control llama. Are Polka Spot's days on the farm numbered? Josh's frustrations mount as he continues working a 60-plus hour job in the City, commuting to the country, and dealing with the cost of a farm and start-up retail operation. When will Josh's dream of farming full-time be realized? No sooner than Josh feels content to be working on a crop of big melons, his stress level boils over when he hears news that Farmer John is selling enough milk to the Beekman to quit his day job and work the farm full time. Josh trudges back to the City. Meanwhile, Brent has a Polka-proof "straight" fence installed on the otherwise gay little farm and breaks the "good" news when Josh returns with a glass of wine. Things go from bad to worse when the boys realize it will take a million bucks to keep Josh down on the farm. In the end, Polka Spot stays on the farm and gets a beauty treatment, while the boys get the bill.

In episode two, Black Sheep of the Family, a new pig comes to the farm, and Josh feels badly having missed this little piggy's first squeals on the farm. Josh is in dire need of a break and longs for the old days when weekend road trips and a little antiquing were the agenda. Brent agrees to a road trip, but it turns out to be a jaunt down to North Carolina to pick up four rare Welsh Black Sheep, two for the farm and two for Brent's hero Martha Stewart. The pair fly to North Carolina and Brent equips a rented mini van with fresh grass for the sheep to nibble on, baby gates and harnesses. Josh laments playing Little Beau Peep to Brent's sheep, having to drive them 13 hours back to the farm and longs for a break, realizing they're close to Brent's hometown. Just miles from Brent's family, the boys come to terms with the pain of being considered "the black sheep of the family," when Brent reveals exactly why he doesn't want to simply pop in for a family visit. Instead the boys check into a pet-friendly bed and breakfast with their "pets" in tow.

sally nelson richmon

Polka spot is wandering towards the road and is going to get killed or kill someone else. Brent decides to put up an electric fence, Josh has to pay for it and says it would be better to just get rid of Polkie. This is not an option for Brent, so the fence goes up and Polkie needs to be shaved so if she go towards the fence she will feel it. Brent and Josh go on a road trip to pick up 4 sheep , 2 for Martha and 2 for their farm. Josh wants to visit Brents family but he says "No' Josh is not happy. They stay at a B&B overnight and sneek in the 4 sheep, who poop all over and Josh has to pick them up and flush them down the toilet, meanwhile Brent is outside trying to distract the lady that owns the B&B. Very funny, can't wait for next week's show !!!


Polka was naughty. Josh really wants to be full time at the Farm. Brent takes that challenge. Brent and farmer John conspire together to keep Polka in-line with a new fence. Not so much for Josh's liking. (poor apple trees)

Polka gets new look. Brent and Josh go on a Hysterical Road trip to get themselves Black Sheep and sheep for Martha. Josh really wants to meet Brents whole family while on trip (nearby) Brents seems sad that he cant quite explain it to Josh. Josh picks up Sheep BMs off of floor at Overnight BB. Josh really stressed, but a great sport for helping Brent out with the"Road Trip Plan".

The End (can not wait till next week) I laughed so much !