How’s your memory?

To honor the season finale of Season 2 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we decided to make the re-caps a little more interesting.

If you can re-cap the entire season AND predict what’s going to happen in the season finale and beyond, you may just have us in the palm of your hands.

We’re going to give away an autographed Nook Color to the entry that does the best job of summarizing the season and whose prediction of the future we like best.

Leave your entry in the comments section below.

Entry must be received by midnight on May 15  (watch the Season 2 marathon on May 15 if you need a little refresher course in all things Beekman)


NOTE:  This contest has ended.  Congratulations to Jenni who summarized the entire season (and our future) in haiku.  We never could write a good haiku.  See her entry below (#6)

by Josh and Brent

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Hey guys 🙂

I'm from Denmark and i'm watching your show everyday here! and I love i't, I can't stop smiling when i see you 2 on tv, you are so super cute, both of you. You 2 are reminding me of my 2 best friends who's also a couple, and they are two smiling guys all the time and help each other in hard times, just like you guys!

We all three LOVE your show, and hope that some day we are gonna get the money so we can come over and see your shopm, and hopefully meet you 2!!



I really loved your show.  It was funny,  poignant and elegant.  

My favorite parts, besides Josh's wit and Brent's (lovable) fussiness, were of the farm and the day-to-day activity required to make it work.  It sounds odd, but somehow, watching you all, made me want to be more proactive on our own few acres.  

Your hard work and perseverance are to be admired and imitated.   

I miss y'all and hope to see your show back on SOON.   Now, whose @$$ do I have to kick to see that happen?


My boyfriend and I are addicted to the FBB! We have purchased all 3 seasons on Amazon Prime…. Just a tip for all you FBB junkies who may need to watch the show repeatedly as we do. We discovered your show as we began our own plans to move to a farm in Maine, so we are very focused on your mission. We both applaud your every effort and thank you for sharing your adventures with us, the good times and the bad times. We will write to any and all networks to beg them to keep the only intelligent, interesting, and entertaining programming on the air. Best wishes for continued success… We will be right there with you!

Kim & Scott

PS – LOVE the books Josh!

Deanna Lane

Josh and Brent my mother, sister and myself miss your show so much. We were hoping gas would be cheaper we were going to drive to your farm to see you guys. We can't wait to see if a new channel picks up your show. How is Polka-Spot doing? Are the need baby kids doing well since they were born last season?

Hector C

We really miss your show. You guys and the rest of the people in the show are wonderful human beings that teach us to be thankful for the bounty from the earth and to be kind to the animals whose products feed us in one way or another. The human race needs more kind people like you and I hope to see you back soon. God Bless.


Miss the "Boys" and their adventures, here's hoping we'll get good news soon on their return!!


I have had everyone I know write to Planet Green (AND Bravo since I think that would be a good fit too) begging to bring my favorite show in the world back on. I hate reality tv but I absolutely love this show!!! Bring our boys back!


OH JOSH!!!! We're hanging in here by the skin of our teeth, our finger (and toe) nails, and every hair on our heads!!!!!!

The withdrawal is AWFUL!!!



is there going to be a new book about season 3 because my mom is in LOVE with your show and she may come to the festivel.You guys have an epic show on your hands keep up the good work guys!


I know that Josh and Brent deserve some privacy and it's not nice to pry into people's business. but I just love watching the Beekman Boys and hope there will be a season 3. i miss the goat cam. Hurry back. Your fans are waiting.

lori pansino

I have been going thru Beekman withdrawls, why can't the network realize that this is what the people want. Go to OPRAH! OWN network would love you guys. I could just imagine a trip to the farm with Oprah and Gayle, for the wedding of 2012!


Please, please do a season three—and four—-and five and so on. The Beekman Boys is the the greatest show on TV. I have missed both Brent and Josh this summer. Watching seasons one and two, again, on my computer screen just doesn't do it for me. NEED SEASON THREE!!!!!


Please, please do a season three—and four—-and five and so on. The Beekman Boys is the the greatest show on TV. I have missed both both Brent and Josh this summer. Watching seasons one and two, again, on my computer screen just doesn't do it for me. NEED SEASON THREE!!!!!


Season three better start soon–I"ve laughed till I cried and cried till I laughed at all that happens on the farm—we want more and we want it soon! PLEASE????

Catherine Engle

I have not been able to get you on planet green at all this season WHY????!!!!!!I live near the poconos have direct tv. I have been really bummed that I Havent seen the new shows. Thanks fro listening.

Catherine Engle

Zelda Krodman

Miss you guys…will you be coming back with the madcap adventures that kept my sanity. One can only hope.

Thanks for the good times………….

Ricky Timmons

I season two was great, I just want to know that there will be a season three…


Here's hoping that season three shows us a fabulous wedding. Josh and Brent's! You know, no pressure, though 😉


I know I missed the 5/15 deadline, but I'm going to post anyway.

This past year Josh and Brent loved and laughed, argued and cried, planted and harvested — not just a farm or a business but a community and a life together. May they have many more years like this and may we get to share just a little piece of it.

Brian Bowens

Josh and Brent……….

Its very simple…….forget about the past seasons ( I know you both have heard the expression "don't look back, just look ahead and keep going"). Look, your already celebraties and you put your farm on the map of Sharon Springs…….. There's no reason in the world you cannot succeed! You have tons of fans and that base is growing every week when your show is watched by millions of people, like myself. Relax and take a deep breath, keep digging in and guarantee you both will look back in a couple years and wonder how you got so successful and wealthy (very comfortable). This is your future and you did take the correct path to success.

Now, that's how this is all going to end, wether the show continues or not. Your already there my friends!

Brian B.

Joey Golden

sorry i miss spelled near the end of my recap but i had to rush it was getting to be 1159 pm here and i need to send you my entry …. i meant to say on the series finally i hear a child say daddys farmer john told me to tell you start building aonther barn we have 158 more BABY goats just born

Joey Golden

I have to say the I am a very loyal fan of the The Fabulous Beekman Boys. I loved season one and sad to see season two comming to and end. I wish we could have a longer season for season three i know we will get to have Brent and Josh in our lives for many seasons to come. How do i know this its because their show title says it all they are " The Fabulous Beekman Boys ". So here is my recap of season two… first is "Llama Drama" Polka Spot keeps escapeing from the pen area and eating the apple trees. Josh is wanting to come live at the farm full time so he could be with Brent and leave New York City Life behind. But due to the farm and store now making enough money Josh still has to work in New York to keep things a float. You could see that Brent sees that Josh is really hurt. You could see that they are wonderful couple and that they love one another very much….. Second is "Black Sheep of the Family" and Third is "A Martha Make Over"… I feel the titles shoud have been called " Ba Ba "BLAAK" Sheep" part one and two…Brent and Josh start off on a vacation but Brent does not tell Josh that they are picking up "Blaak" lambs and delivering a pair to Martha Stewart and that they are keeping some as well. While on the drive back in a mini van they rented and turned into a mini barn the Boys drive near Brent's family who Josh has not met yet and it means alot to him since at this point he has only met Brent's Mom. Brent at this time feels he is not ready for them to meet Josh. Well night time falls and the Boys stop for a night at a motel where Brent gets Josh to sneek the lambs in to their room for the night behind the owners back. That seen was way to funny and only The Fabulous Beekman Boys could pull that off. Next the boys are just about near Martha's Farm and Brent wants to stop and freshen up the hay in the van and for him and Josh to get cleaner cloths on which they do. When they get to Martha's Farm Brent can not believe the barn Martha has when they drove up to it. The boys make it home with the "Blaak" lambs and Brent looks at his barn and feels they need to make new changes there. So he consults a contracter about repairs and then he get an idea about having haveing a barn painting party and invites the whole town of Sharon Springs over to help out… they serve food, drinks, and a quick skinny dip in the pool. The barn came out great…. Forth is "Food and Whine" Josh gets news from his employer that they need him to fill a new position where he will travel alot between New York and California, and the boys also have a magazine photo shot at the mansion for a food and wine magazine. The boys also introduce their new product Beekman 1802 Cajeta. Fifth is "Store Wars" where the boys have two shows to put on one where Josh has to do a cooking demo with their food products and the other is where Brent has to sell ther new bath line of products. They compete to see who sells the most. Then at the end they are sitting by their pool and Brent tells Josh that he sent a copy of Josh's beek to his grandmother. Then Grandma gets a call from the boys and she speaks to Josh and it mans so much to him. You could see the tears in his eyes. Sixth is "Beekman Palooza Redux" They boys hold their second havest festival and it seems that this year it has become more popular than ever and no one could believe the turn out. Rosie o'Donnell even comes but to bad there is only 48 wheels of cheese to sell poor Rosie doe not get any. But sales for the town and boys are way more that expected…. Seventh "Recipe For Disaster" Brent comes up with the idea of comming up with a recipe book for heirloom vegtables but he wants to have full say on the book but Josh gets full control leaving Brent feeling uneasy and the boys also hold an auction at sotherby's for a charity to help get farms started ….. Eight is "Beek-Men Boys" Josh's Mom and Dad come to visit … Josh takes Mom Jackie to the city With Him since she use to live there and Josh's Dad Dave gets to stay at the Farm with Brent to help with the chores. Brent and Dave Bond with one another But Dave and Jackie talk to Josh and Brent about having a kids together…… Nineth is "Blaak Friday" Brent trys to get holiday victorian theme chrstmas to sharon springs to compete with the malls, its farmer jonh's birthay and also the moment to see if the make the 1 million dollar mark so Josh can stay at the farm………. teth is called Paging Dr Brent it sound like Brent take a DRs job so Josh can come home full time…… This will Happen since they the fabulous Beekman boys…… i predict many more years of their show and on the series finally i hear a child say daddys farmer john told me to tell you start building aonther barn we have 158 more bay goats just born


I believe that Brent will go back to work. Josh will stay on the farm. Brent will prove that he can work from Sharon Springs. Josh will prove that he can produce more from the store and be bitchier than Martha. Make their million, get married and live happy ever after. The end!

Christina Mandara


You might liken the overall theme of Season Two to the plucking of a daisy…

He loves me. He loves me not. We should do this; or, no, we should not.

In each succeeding episode, Brent and Josh are continually challenged to weigh what they may or may not do to enhance their lives and their livelihood at the Beekman Mansion. The bickering between Josh and Brent has, by now, become their signature style of flushing out some of the pivotal decisions in episodes that included:

Whether to keep Polka Spot or not.

Whether to paint the barn or not.

Does the Beekman need to be Martha perfect?

Should they stop to visit Brent’s family in NC?

Should they make a great product with limited stock or maximize profits with quicker production?

Should the status of celebrity, Rosie, override first come, first serve?

Historic or Heirloom?

Is it time to bring a child into their lives, or bring the Beekman into the lives of so many in their larger community?

Two terribly touching moments of the season:

Brent’s grandmother speaks with Josh.

Josh’s dad teaches Brent to shoot.


The season finale opens with Brent sadly disappointed and feeling responsible for missing the revenue goals that were needed to get Josh to the farm fulltime. Brent then kicks his business mind into overdrive (once again) to come up with a short-term solution. Brent announces to Josh that he has secured the deal of a lifetime by pitching Josh’s talents to a local “big” business looking to spend Madison Avenue dollars to increase tourism traffic and design a new ad campaign. As a result, Josh will now be able to spend two more days a week at the Beekman, being paid to service his new ad account, the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

And while I considered companies like Beechnut to become Josh’s new account, the possibilities for typical Beekman Boy antics seem much more likely with an account like Cooperstown. Episodes could find Brent leveraging the new Cooperstown relationship for Beekman 1802. He could set up a Beekman market wagon along Main Street in Cooperstown to introduce families to the Beekman goats, fresh produce, and the items of Beekman 1802 mercantile. Of course, there would need to be a guest appearance from Polka Spot that may result in her breaking away down the streets and onto the baseball fields. Josh might frantically chase her down by following the sudden applause of a crowd. There he will find Polkie planted on top of the pitcher’s mound in the middle of an ongoing game. She stands in a league of her own with head held high to cheering fans. And Josh might mumble, “Who said there are no Divas in baseball?”

george bochis

Season 2 opened with Brent still on the farm and Josh working NYC and making the insane commute to the farm as often as he could. The Buget was tight, but as usual Brent was still unable to comprehend the concept of "budget". This continued to make Josh crazy. Every week, the drama of the farm, the comute, the business plan all played out and there were always problems to overcome. SOme how they found time to handle them all and still have a relationship. The theme of Josh's exhaustion from working all the time, and having to travel to the west coast was strong. And poor Brent needed help at the store and didn’t have enough cheese and soap for the event in NYC. Josh got to talk to Brent’s grandma on the phone — finally! That was actually very sweet. Josh got some time away with Brent. It did however have the added drama of involving some of the goats and a trip to Valhalla (Martha’s house). The Guys deal with all that crap and still find a way to show each other and us the strenght of their bond.

In the future I hope that Josh will finally get to move to the farm fulltime. The Beekman will flourish and allow them to expand the range of products and services. Sharon Springs will benefit from the success of the show. Polka Spot will have a baby or two. Josh and Brent will adopt and the Beakman will become a home!



Polka Spot drama

Lambs for Martha Road Trip

Barn Raising with a twist

Josh's new sacrifice & Brent gets hot(er)

Beekman Fashion–Fun with Milkshakes

Harvest Festival minus the pizza

Mancation and Memories–Josh's family visits

Black Friday Victorian style

Season Finale Prediction:

I predict our favorite farmers will have to make the gut wrenching decision to make another year of sacrifice, and will end with drinks at the American because we always need to see Garth in a kilt!

And Beyond!

I believe the future is very promising. With the new affiliation with Williams Sonoma, the "plague" spreading, and being able to muck it up on the West coast because of Josh's new job the "sacrifice" won't be so bad after all!

Suzanne Kouns

The season changed but, I was not able to see them. Here's my rendition of the 1st one though. – When Pigs Fly – we saw Farmer John (sweet man). Beekmanpalooza – A Harvest for all (viewers too). Unhappy Birthday – Brent does care Josh, remember the table. Suds and Studs -(oh no! too much work for one person). Bringing home the Bacon – ( Martha always… 1st)just sayin. The Haunting of Beekman Farm – a very cool ghost investigation (one of my favorites).Turkey a la queens – (nice holiday together), seemingly so. Three Men and a Baby Goat -( hope your doing well Farmer John , your loved by many). LeGrand Fromage – Josh you might want to live on the Farm but you may soon have a show from home like Barefoot Contessa (you show great kitchen art). Trouble in Store – I would love to shop at Beakman 1802. How cool does that seem?

Where you'll be at the end of this season will be a surprise, and i just want to keep it this way. Hoping to catch up soon!!!!! LOVE THE SHOW, SUZANNE


The 2nd season has been one filled with lots of laughs, challenges and new adventures. To start the season we find the boys eating the last or thier caned goods from the previous seaons. They need what strength they could get because Farmer John and total hip surgery just before the birthing season. Brent thought it would be nice to suprise Farm John with ribbons on the goats upon his return from surgery. Which neither the goats, Poka Spot or Farmer John prefered. Josh told Brent to play nice with Farm John while Farm John stayed in the house and Josh was away in the city. Despites Brent's attempts, Farm John ended up moving out. Once Josh was able to name the three types of goats, both Josh and Brent were able to name an baby using Farm Johns naming guidlines.

Josh finally got Brent to agree to a vacation, but Brent did manage to working trip. The boys went to North Carolina to pick up 4 black Sheep. Two for Martha and two for the farm. Brent needing make the sheep's ride comfy, inisted on turf in back van. While staying at a bed and breakfast, Josh had to sneek the sheep into the room. Once they arrived at Martha, the boys were able to tour Martha's barn. LEMONS!!!! It smelled like lemons, and Josh was able to Martha's ass(donkey).

Not be out done by Martha, Brent organized a barn raising party. Followed by the Garden party inwhich Josh wasn't allowed to sell any products. So he sneaked a sale in behind Brent's back and drank.

Next, thier adventure took them back to city to compete against each other on who can sell more product. Brent with milkshake bath soap or Josh with heirloom jam and his book. Some may argue with who won, but Josh did sell out.

The second annual Fall Festival was a hit, with Rosie making an appearance. Thankfully, she ordered ahead and was able her goat milk cheese. Josh's parents came back for another visit in which Brent and Josh's dad had a man's week and Josh and his mother went into the city. Brent learned that there is muskat tapping season, LOL, and learned how to properly shoot and aim the gun.

Finally, it was Black Friday Day. The whole town was decorated and everyone came in thier best Victorian attire for the party.

Whats to come? Inorder for Brent to live on the farm full time, Brent becomes a part-time physician for Sharon Springs and Josh still work's part-time from the farm but still attends meeting in the city. More baby goats!!!!

To best way to capture everything is through the Green Acres theme song. (No Sara I did not copy, you, I wrote this before I saw your post).

Beekman Acres is the place to be

Heirloom Farming is the life for me

Poka Spot got a trim, and

a fence to keep her in.

Keep Martha, just give me Sharon Springs

New York is where I have to be.

Paying bills so that we can be free

Communting on the weekend just to be with you.

Honey, I love you, but I want to live there too.

The Chores

The Store

Muck Boots

Setting Roots

You are my knight

Goodbye city lights

Beekman Boys are here to stay.

Kevin VarnHagen

Season 2~ WOW! Excellent!

Season 3 ~ Farmer John unleashes his mutant goats on an unsuspecting Northern NY sleepy town and pins the whole crime on Garth while Josh and Brent keep bickering over vegetables and weeds.

Linda C.l

I believe that last season was just a dream! Next season opener will be wedding planning for Josh and Brent to celebrate their lives together full time at the farm and meeting their million dollar goal. Oh,and Polka Spot behaves ha ha!

Kent Berry

What do you get when you put two gay city boys on a goat farm in Upstate New York's Sharon Springs? The Fabulous Beekman Boy's season two on Green Planet. This season what the last ditch effort and an extension on the, "year of sacrifice," for Brent and Josh. The fabulous couple have come up with a $1 million income level from the Beekman 1802 so Josh can move to the farm full time. Season two documents the hilarious and sometimes touching journey of trying to reach that goal. Bedazzled mud bots, Martha Stewart, goat cheease, and a frisky llama names appropriatley Polka Spot that starts off the season giving the boys a hardtime by escaping many, many times, and the on-going year of sacrifice. Josh and Brent are doing what they can to reach that goal, but what will happen? Will Josh's desire to move to the farm, and Brent's stubbornness meld together to have a successful year? Brent covers the farm while Josh works his city job in New York that takes him to Los Angeles more and more. The season finale is coming up and what will happen? Last week the Beekman Boy's were hosting the yearly Sharon Spring's Christmas Festival and they crunch was on to reach the goal, but Brent won't divulge the numbers. So where are they nd will the "year of saccrifice," be for nothing? Will Josh finally get his dream to move to the farm full time? The Fabulous Beekman Boy's season two was just that, fabulous.