See what the critics have to say about The Fabulous Beekman Boys and

look for all new episodes in Spring 2011!!

by Josh and Brent

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I have loved the town of Sharon Springs since I first discovered it…….and now I am enjoying learning about Josh and Brent and the people of the community of Sharon Springs.

The Christmas special was great! I will be watching for the debut of of the 2011 series.


I can't wait for spring. and thanks i will be watching in December. Have a great fall. And thank you

Stay safe.


I hope you guys can crank up the heat this winter. And that the flies don't come out. Watch out around the stone wall for yellow jacket nests and snakes. It is quite a sturdy looking wall. Good job.

Peggy Sullivan

This is best TV program running. Every time I watch I program I laugh, I cry (I find Farmer John one of the most lovely human beings on the earth) and truly enjoy myself. Thank you for such a terrific program. Again I will mention Farmer John, I am truly moved by his love for his animals. He is just so touching.

Ann kinder

I don't know if I can wait until spring- I miss seeing what Josh, Brent, John and the goats are up to. You guys have one of the BEST shows on tv—


My husband and I cannot wait until you have a new season. We thoroughly enjoy your show and I'm happily still watching re-runs because I cannot get enough.

Josh, I hoped reading your book would tide me over but I finished it in 3 days because I loved it! I had read the Bucolic Plague…I will look for your others. But, new episodes please!:)

Looking forward to the holiday episode you mentioned Brent.

Bruce & Jerry

Was very happy to see your store in Sharon Springs, but sad not to have met you guys….we just got back yesterday around 3:00pm. Long trip…..over 3200 miles on the car.

Looking forward to the Holiday special…and the new season. Hoping to order cheese soon?

Ready to move to upstate NY, all because of you guys and all your wonderful friends in Sharon Springs.


Is season #1 available on DVD yet? I'm 69 and can't figure out how to record on new vcr/dvd. Have a friend without "Green" channel – I just watch reruns every Wed and I need to know what's happening! Please tell me Josh is living full time on the farm now. I adore the soap and the cheese is wonderful. Loved "Bucolic Plague", "I am not myself" I didn't like that, glad you moved on, Josh. Yea – Christmas special!

paige sprenkel

whoo hoo a holiday special!!!!!! and a t shirt for me to finally husband and i are planning to attend next year's harvest festival. love everything about you guys and the farm. looking forward to maybe a cookbook sometime in the near future?!! paige

Gay B.

So happy to hear about the holiday special, Brent.

Will Season One be available on DVD?

Lauren Gormly

Just recently discovered your show and I am hooked! I love your beautiful home and farm. It is a sweet escape to Upstate New York from the heat of Atlanta! I am looking forward to more episodes!

Karen Adams

Love the show. I just found out that next season is in the Spring. I've been waiting for a fall season.

I'll watch the reruns 17 times a piece.Thanks for the laughter guys.

Maureen Hoxie

I wish the new season would start sooner. I can't wait to see the holiday special! I'm sure it will be fabulous !!!!!


OH – I'm sooooooo glad to learn about a holiday special. I'm sure the Beekman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL at the holidays.

OH – but, which holiday, Dr. Brent? We've sort-of had a Thanksgiving special – will this one be Christmas? (I hope – I hope – I hope.)

Wish I could come up to help you decorate. My bf brought 5 cats into the house and it belongs to them now. So the only decoration is a 4' tree for them. No other decorations (because they'd tear them down, of course.) No Christmas cookies to bake (because of cat hair in the frosting.) I miss Christmas. It was my favorite holiday.

If I could come up, I'd help decorate and bake 3 kinds of Christmas cookies – cut- outs with buttercream frosting (and decorated of course) – "snowballs" with walnuts and powdered sugar – and fruitcake cookies – full of brazil nuts, walnuts, candied cherries and pineapple – no critron – too bitter. If you like, I could bring my Mother's Springerle Board and bake you some Springerles too.

(LOL – can you tell I need a vacation from the cats???)

Well, whichever holiday it is – I hope it's a FABULOUS as all the folks at The Beekman and Sharon Springs.


Anybody know the song playing in the background of this spot? I like it, would like to download it but I'm stumped…


Here it is only the beginning of Fall and I am already wishing spring were just a week away…..can't wait for the new season to begin… is going to be a long hard winter of waiting!!!