It took us seven years of research, wearing our muck boots all around the world (literally!), to come up with what we think is the PERFECT pair of boots—made for walking, and everything else!

Take a look back at the R & D process:



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  • By: Sannebear

    Guess my new KitchenAid mixer is going to have to wait! gotta get me some Muck Boots!

  • By: Jane

    How will these boots be different? Style? Patterns? My boots may have to wait. City taxes are due April 30th……ouch! Some day

  • By: ivonne

    I hope there are some cute ones to wear in the city in Florida during rain season wich is now! ?

  • By: Constance Oconnor

    I have been a fan of yours since the Beekman Boys and the Amazing Race and now still. Love you guys, your farm, your wares. If I lived closer (Utah here), I would definitely visit. You are both so happy and I am happy for you.

  • By: Suzanne Koba

    Are they going to be available in the store? If so save me a size 10. Will see you Monday.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Yes. We won’t have them out on the floor yet on Monday, but if you ask one of the shopkeepers in the Mercantile they can get you a pair from the back to try on

  • By: Linda

    Your ‘teasers’ are always such fun! My farm days are very far behind me, tho. I’m hoping now for something with a bit of arch support! LOL

  • By: Jennifer Berglund

    So cool, I live in my muck boots here on the farm too (i will even wear them to the store). I always have to by a new pair every few months as the rubber splits; can’t wait to get a pair from guys who know what is needed and are fashionable! Because you have to be fabulous if your going to be playing in the mud, barn, coops & gardens all day.

  • By: Annieman

    I’ve always wanted orange and pink spotted ones to go with my Polka Spot shirt. 🙂

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