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Ghoast Cheese


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    It took us five years to create a new Beekman 1802 cheese that's as incredible as our Blaak Cheese. We've finally done it...and the result is our new Ghoast cheese. Ghoast is a raw, aged cheese made from 100% goat milk from Farmer John's best milkers. While chalk-white when first made, it is aged for three months to develop its distinctive velveteen grayish-blue rind and ivory interior. The rind can be trimmed away, but when left on it gives ghoast a complex combination of sweetness and salty nuttiness, with a semi-firm texture. It's a taste that reminds us of the sun-drenched grasses and herbs that the goats nibble on in the fields of Beekman 1802 Farm.

    While Ghoast pairs well with our ginger peach jam, ginger creamed honey, and roasted garlic drizzle, it's also wonderful when served using our Ghoast Maker. This cheese shaving device has roots in 18th century France, and creates perfect ruffled curls (or ghoasts) that heighten its flavor.

    Wine pairings: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, or dry Sherry.

    Save by bundling Ghoast Cheese with our Ghoast Maker. Click here.


    Ghoast Cheese - Each wheel weighs between 1.25 - 1.5 lbs.


    Raw Goats milk, sea salt, cultures and enzymes. 


    All Beekman 1802 Cheese ships out either on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure freshness during delivery.

    ***Mountain and Pacific time customers please select USPS Priority mail as your shipping option during checkout. We are finding that although UPS ground may be slightly cheaper it is taking much longer to arrive. So please be sure to select USPS Priority to ensure your wheel arrives safe & fresh!***

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