Tart Cherry Almond Jam

11 oz


Tart Cherry Almond Jam

11 oz
Almonds and cherries? Ummm yes! This heavenly spread has a strong tart flavor that lingers deliciously on the tongue, and is best when paired sweet, rich, and creamy flavors that cut through the tartn...
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Cherries, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, almond extract (water, alcohol, oil of bitter almond) butter. Uses real fruit, may contain pieces of pit

Broaden Your Palate

The sharpness of cherries coupled with the buttery flavor of almonds is a pairing most people don't expect. But once you taste it, you'll wonder why it wasn't paired together sooner.

Pack a Bold Punch

This jam can be spread on your child's PB&J, topped on your ice cream sundae, or be an exciting addition to your cheese plate. The possibilities are endless.

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