Goat Ears Headband


Goat Ears Headband

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These super soft and adorable Goat Ear Headbands will keep hair away from your face as you apply cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and makeup. 

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Our Goat Ears Headbands are specifically designed to make your Self-Kindness routine easier and more fun...as it should be! Take funny selfies or tik-toks as you prep your skin to be its best self and remember that loving yourself should never feel like a hassle.


These headbands are as practical as they are cute, specifically designed to prevent breakage and allow your styled or un-styled hair to remain intact and unbothered as you apply your products. Hand-wash and air dry as needed to keep it looking fresh and new, because looking and feeling cute is an essential part of any Self-Kindness routine.

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