Plain Chevre Set of 3 Cheeses


Plain Chevre Set of 3 Cheeses

When you want to taste the pure, fresh taste of Beekman goat cheese, choose plain. This mild cheese is made from 100% Farmer John's goat milk for a fresh taste, acidic edge, and a lemony aroma that's ...
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To give you the freshest cheese possible, your cheese will ship separate from your order. Depending on the shipment's destination we only ship cheese on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays.

Goat Milk, Calcium Chloride, Rennet, Culture, Salt

The First Taste Of Spring

Our plain chevre is created using the first flush aka the first milk that comes from our goats in the springtime. The timing of this milk means that our plain chevre is mild and creamy, similar to a tangier cream cheese.

A Cheese Worthy of Every Meal

Perfect for using raw over salads or stirring into a fresh pasta dish.