Artisan Cookies Set of 6


Artisan Cookies Set of 6

Sweet, buttery almond crescents and thumbprints, made with the best ingredients including our very own Midnight Jam. Baked fresh in Sharon Springs, New York by Brimstone Bakery. Each set comes with 6 ...
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Brimstone Bakery in Sharon Springs focuses on the best ingredients for the best desserts.

Every bite is special.

Pairing thumbprint cookies with Beekman 1802's Midnight Jam was a stroke of genius that could only come from the creative mind of chef Anthony Leberto.


Contains 6 cookies.

Butter, Almonds, Powdered sugar, Wheat flour, Eggs, Vanilla extract, Almond extract, Salt, Midnight Jam (Sugar, blackberries, black currants, black currant concentrate, pectin, butter).