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Mohka Java Mercantile Blend Coffee


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    Our exclusive Mohka Java Mercantile Blend Coffee is exactly the same kind of coffee that William Beekman would have sold in the original Beekman Mercantile in 1802. We based this rich blend on beans that would have been available on the early 19th century trade routes, which were controlled by the Dutch. (Beekman's heritage.) This delicious blend is extremely full-bodied, but not too dark like many of today's blends. Perfect to start a full day of farm chores. Our fair-trade beans are hand-selected and roasted for us in small batches by Java Love Coffee Roasting Co in nearby Bethel, NY...so you can be sure it's fresher than most any you can find. Josh doesn't kid around about his coffee. Choose Whole Bean or Ground (for drip machines.)



    12 oz bag whole bean or freshly ground coffee (ground for drip machines.)


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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