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"Flying Goat" Fish Fly


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    The "Flying Goat" fish fly is a wet fly tied for salmon, large trout and our preference bass. Inspired by the Beekman Farm it uses real goat hair right from their prized herd. Just below the surface of the Beekman Pond lurks the lunker bass, and this soft hackled fly is just what you need to whet his appetite.  Resembling a minnow, it's recommended to cast this fly and let it stand still for a few seconds before either retrieving the fly back in quick short jerks, or long sweeping pulls. Many fish will hit this fly right when it slaps on the surface, so get ready. 

    The fly has a silver tinsel body, and a one of a kind Goat Hair Wing.  We accent the fur with a little flash and then then overlay only a few strands of peacock herl. As a finishing  touch, the fly has a badger hackle collar. The same feather that is inlaid into the Badger Hackle fly rod.

    The fly is tied on a black enameled Partridge Hook. These hooks are made in England are are a traditional style hook bend and "up eye", common to Old World flies. 

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