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The Bucolic Plague


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    Before The Amazing Race...before The Fabulous Beekman Boys... there was The Bucolic Plague. Our bestselling memoir tells the story of how we stumbled upon Sharon Springs and became accidental overnight goat farmers. Spoiler: It wasn't as simple as it looked on TV.



    “My Amtrak seat mate in the Quiet Car, a complete stranger, insisted that I read out loud the scene -- a goat in labor -- that was making me laugh so hard I was crying. . . . Kilmer-Purcell’s book is manically funny, sweetly open and trusting, and slick and snarky.” (New York Times Book Review )

    “Enter 60 goats and homemade soap, apple-picking and an heirloom vegetable garden. Hilarity follows. And trouble. But let’s not spoil the party. It’s fun.” (USA Today )

    The Bucolic Plague has something different to offer—if we can do it anyone can, it tells us, provided we can laugh at ourselves.” (Los Angeles Times Book Review )

    “Side-splitting.” (Wall Street Journal )

    “Kilmer-Purcell writes with dramatic flair and trenchant wit, uncovering mirthful metaphors as he plows through their daily experiences.” (Publishers Weekly )

    “This particular merging of city and country is both sweet and savory.” (Kirkus Reviews )

    “I adore the Beekman boys’ story. Their unlikely story of love, the land, and a herd of goats is hilariously honest. If these two can go from Manhattan to a goat farm in upstate New York, then I can’t help feeling there is hope for us all.” (Alice Waters )

    “I gobbled up this book like…well, like goat cheese on a cracker. Kilmer-Purcell’s genius lies in his ability to blindside the reader with heart-wrenching truths in the midst of the most outlandish scenarios. He makes you laugh until you care.” (Armistead Maupin )

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