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Shave Butter Starter Kits


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    We get it. You're getting ready in the morning, mentally listing your tasks for the day. And now we're asking you to add two more things into your shaving routine. Why? WHY?! It's simple, really. Because it's good for you. Just like how you eat healthy(ish) and go to the gym(ish), how you treat your skin matters. Taking an extra 2-3 minutes to take care of your skin is an investment in yourself that you can't afford to skip. So where do you start? Select your Pre-Shave (info on that in the Pre-Shave tab), then select your Post-Shave. It really IS that easy.



    For BeekMEN with sensitive skin/or thick beards, pre-shave products are a game changer. They prep your skin and reduce irritation from shaving. Moreover, the follicles of the hair become softer, allowing the razor a smoother glide.

    Looking for a CLOSER shave? Choose the Pre-Shave Scrub. It exfoliates, getting hair follicles to stand on edge, so you can cut 'em as they stand.

    Looking for a SMOOTHER shave? Choose the Pre-Shave Dual Purpose Shave Oil. It moisturizes skin, allowing for a smoother glide.



    You just took a sharp blade to your face. Show it a little love and put some moisturizer on it, would ya?

    Looking for QUICK and EASY? Choose the Post-Shave Serum full of non-irritating, high-tech botanicals in a moisturizer that instantly absorbs into your skin. Quickly slather on your face and get on with your day.

    Looking to SOOTHE SENSITIVE SKIN after you shave? Choose the Post-Shave Lotion to lock in moisture and soothe tender skin with cooling menthol, nourishing collagen, and vitamin E.



    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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