2020 Limited Edition “Leap of Faith” Baby Goat Tote


2020 Limited Edition “Leap of Faith” Baby Goat Tote

Every season, Farmer John delivers dozens and dozens of baby goats. And every season, we deliver a new Goat Tote to celebrate. This elegant, American-made tote features Mark, one of the first kids bo...
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100% cotton. Made in the USA.
Dimensions: 20.5 inches x 16 inches x 6 inches

Handmade in the USA

Printed on 100% natural cotton canvas, our tote bags are hand-cut, sewn, and screen printed by Eric & Christopher in Bucks County, PA. Each bag is quality checked twice by two different quality checkers before the bag leaves the warehouse.

Meet Artisan Eric & Christopher

The Eric & Christopher team has been making tote bags for Beekman 1802 since April 2014, just two years after they started their business. They've grown from one employee and one intern to over 21 employees designing and hand-making products every day.

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