Rain Drop Face & Eye Massager


Rain Drop Face & Eye Massager

This limited edition Rain Drop Face & Eye Massager was hand-blown by our Artisan Bobby Sharp. Made from high-quality Swedish glass, the massager was inspired by the...

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Can vary in size. Approx 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches

Apply facial oil on cheeks, chin and forehead. Using our Rain Drop massager start at the nose and massage outward from the nose, under and around the orbital bone, over the forehead and temples then start massaging under cheeks, chin and jaw. Maximize benefits to your skin by heating or cooling this one-of-a-kind facial massager.


• Cool to touch, throw it in the fridge for added cooling power

• Ergonomic design features curved sides, flat sides and a more targeted point for additional pressure

• Glass is anti-microbial and non-comedogenic


Facial massage can improve the appearance of your skin in many ways. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and tones. Massaging the skin on your face helps relax the muscles that tend to cause stress lines. Watch our ray of sunshine massage below for an extra soothing step to your skincare routine.

"I enjoy using the raindrop glass massager before bed with the 1802 oil. I actually purchased 2 of them so I use one on each side of my face."

Meet the Artisan

Bobby Sharp

Founder of Bobby Sharp Glassworks Co., master glassblower Bobby Sharp blends tradition with modern techniques to create his glassware collection that’ll surely bring elegance and sophistication to your table.

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