Ommegang Hennepin Beer Jelly

11 oz


Ommegang Hennepin Beer Jelly

11 oz
Ommegang’s light and refreshing Hennepin ale is batched to create this deliciously spiced spread that's just perfect for a cheese board. Beer Jelly 11 oz. 
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Ommegang Beer, Sugar, Pectin

Can't Go Wrong with Sweet

The richness of this beer jelly will upgrade any dish that needs a bit more sweetness. Add it to your cheese plate, sandwich, or toast for a high-quality finish on your most cherished recipes.

Meet The Maker: Anthony Leberto

Beloved in Sharon Springs, Brimstone Bakery is a collaboration between pastry chef Anthony Leberto and restauranteur Ross Wassermann. Their baked goods celebrate the many influences that come together in traditional American baking.

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