Blueberry Lemon Jam

11 fl oz


Blueberry Lemon Jam

11 fl oz
This delicious jam reminds us of the hand-picked blueberries that fill our baskets straight from the bushes at our farm. We’ve added a lovely twist with chunks of glacé lem...
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Refrigerate after opening.

Blueberries, sugar, candied lemon peel, fruit pectin, lemon juice, butter

It's Berry Good!

The freshly-picked taste is what make this delightful jam so special and so full of flavor.


Spread this luscious jam over brioche toasts, croissants, and other breaded pastries. Try this jam with peanut butter to add another level of flavor to your sandwich, or alongside your favorite cheese.

Meet the Artisan

Anthony Leberto

Brimstone Bakery is a collaboration between pastry chef Anthony Leberto, a recent arrival in Sharon Springs, and Ross Wassermann, a former restaurateur and food & wine marketing executive whose family has been part of the village for four generations. Our preserves and baked goods celebrate the many influences that come together in traditional American baking.

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