Doily Serving Tray


Doily Serving Tray

Our doily plates were a huge hit amongst our neighbors, so we asked local artisan Jasmine Crowe to create a matching piece. This stoneware tray has a sleek gunmetal black glaze and a beautifully ab...

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Approx. 16" long x 8" wide

A Conversation Starter

Whether you decorate this for your coffee table or to arrange your charcuterie board, this tray is bound to make everything pop. A great conversation starter for anyone who comes over.

Who is Jasmine Crowe?

Jasmine earned her degree in ceramics and has always had a deep love for pottery, but she never saw it as a career. “I didn’t see myself as a production potter at the time, but a friend started working with Beekman and asked me to design a couple things and it just took off from there. I now love production, and feel it was always what I was meant to do."

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