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Heirloom Swaddling Cloth


  • Description

    • The practice of swaddling infants has been around for well over 4000 years. Keeping an infant's limbs wrapped tightly against his or her body tends to soothe and relax the child. Almost certainly Joanna Beekman swaddled all eight of her infants at Beekman 1802 Farm. Many upper-class households of the day had entire swaddling outfits, complete with bonnets and ribbons. Like Joanna's swaddling cloths would have been, ours are also handwoven.

      The pattern we've chosen comes in three colors, each inspired by historical dyeing techniques: The pink, white, and blue pattern threads are mercerized cotton, which provides just a hint of shine to the overshot design. The borders are woven in variations of an old overshot pattern known as the Whig Rose. The fabric has been finished by laundering, and are, of course, machine launder able, on a gently cycle.  

      HOLLYHOCK (pink): The tall stalks of Hollyhocks are a summer farm favorite. The dye from the flowers can result in many colors, but we think the most beautiful is pink.

      PALE INDIGO (light blue): Indigo would have been an exotic dye for the Beekmans, as it's native to Mexico and the Caribbean. But regardless of its expense, this dye from the Indigo shrub was very popular.

      WHITE: Our White-on-Natural weaving technique produces a unique and elegant subtle pattern.

      Like all of our handwoven linens, our BEEKMAN 1802 BABY BATH BLANKETS are heirloom quality, and with proper care can last for generations. They are 100% natural cotton and may be washed by hand or by machine on the gentlest cycle.

    • Dimensions: approximately 37 x 37.
    • Custom  made to order by artisan expect 1-2 weeks for delivery

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