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Natural Baby Washcloth


  • Description

    Judge William Beekman's wife, Johanna, bore eight children during her life at Beekman 1802 Farm. As the wife of a prominent judge and mercantilist, we imagine that she had the very best linens available. Like her linens, our Baby Wash Cloth is hand-woven on a loom with natural cotton by an award-winning artisan. Its waffle pattern weave is abundantly absorbent while its natural cotton makes it comfortably soft.

    Dimensions: approximately 8" X 8".

    Like all of our handwoven linens, our BEEKMAN 1802 NATURAL BABY WASHCLOTHS are heirloom quality, and with proper care can last for generations. They are 100% natural cotton and may be washed by hand or by machine on the gentlest cycle.

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