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Seed Pot Maker


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    In the heirloom vegetable garden at Beekman Farm, we like to use tools and implements that are more practical than precious. Gardening is serious work!

    Our B. 1802 Seed Pot maker is a clever way to get your seeds started. Wrap strips of newspaper around the stem, tuck the ends under and then burnish by twisting in the base.

    The result is 2.5 inch seedling pots. Fill each with dirt and place one seed in each pot. After your plant starts to grow, simply bury the whole pot in your garden. The paper disintegrates naturally and your seedling will flourish.

    Each pot maker tool is hand-turned of local ash wood by one of the members of our B. 1802 Rural Artist Collective.


    Makes 2.5 inch seedling pots. 


    Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

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