Honey Lavender Granola

16 oz


Honey Lavender Granola

16 oz
Waking up to our Honey Lavender granola is like walking through a newly grown field of the aromatic blooms. The light and floral taste of dried lavender is underscored by more savory accents of mint a...
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For the perfect finishing touch to lavish dishes like grilled figs and honey ricotta, or mascarpone with roasted white wine strawberries, add a sprinkle of Honey Lavender granola.

Gluten-free oats, ghee (clarified butter), local honey, sliced almonds, organic unsweetened coconut chips, organic brown sugar (organic cane sugar, organic molasses), organic pumpkin seeds, organic lavender, kosher salt.


Artisan and founder of bumble & butter, a brand focused on using real food ingredients to make granola the better way, not the easy way.


bumble & butter uses quality organic ingredients and makes their very own ghee in-house so they can work directly with farms in upstate New York like Beekman 1802.