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Triple Milk 5-Piece Set


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    We've known since our first bar of soap that goat milk is incredible for your skin. We pledged ourselves to improving on that goodness and developed our Triple Milk Collection, which has not just one beneficial milk but three: soothing goat milk, conditioning coconut milk, and nourishing milk protein. Like a supercharged superfood for your skin, the Triple Milk Collection enhances and illuminates when used for a 4 week period. 

    This routine starts with a gentle double cleansing with a non-soap based milk cleanser and facial bar, then follows with a deep cleansing and exfoliating AHA / BHA peel, seals in hydration with a whisper-light moisturizer, and finishes with our SPF 35 primer so everyone can put their best face on.

    Our Triple Milk Cleanser is the first step to cleanse your skin by melting makeup and other oil-based debris from your face with botanical-based ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals.

    Our hydrating Triple Milk base (goat milk, coconut milk and milk protein) is blended with argan oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil to help dissolve makeup and cleanse skin. Milk cleansing is our version of oil cleansing, and makes makeup removal easy and gentle, even around the sensitive eye area. The milk and botanical oil from the cleanser giving it a deep cleansing effect.

    Our foaming milk bar gently draws out water-based debris such as sweat and dirt. Our triple milk base keeps skin feeling soft and hydrated, rather than dry and tight. The Triple Milk Bar gently dissolves deeper dirt, and more oil and dead skin cells, giving you a deeper cleanse after the Milk Cleanser lifts off what’s on the surface.

    This is a deep cleansing and exfoliating jelly peel that sits on the skin for 10 mins like a mask. Our milk-based micro peel lifts dead skin for a softer, glowing complexion without the use of harsh exfoliants and is gentle enough to use every day. The natural exfoliation illuminates the skin from the inside out while prepping the skin to properly and fully absorb moisturizer.

    Our lightweight Skin Milk formula delivers superb hydration to the deepest layers of skin with three powerful root active ingredients that keep skin glowing. Plant-based botanicals include Chamomile, Geranium, Aloe, Argan Oil, and Green Tea. Uses super-charged natural ingredients to help promote glowing skin while creating a natural protective barrier to seal in moisture. Perfect for sensitive skin our soothing formula helps banish redness and prevents irritation.


    As a Primer: Apply a pea-sized amount onto clean, moisturized skin prior to concealer, foundation, and powder application. Do not rub into skin, tap and glide formula over skin like a veil. The primer works with any cream, liquid, and powder foundation. 

    As a Sunscreen: Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure. Do not rub into skin. Unlike chemical sunscreens, our mineral SPF works as a skin barrier veil over the skin.

    And best of all, products in our Triple Milk collection are EWG Verified. The mark of EWG VERIFIED™ allows you to relax with confidence and trust that you and your family are using safe products.

    In the Triple Milk - 5 Step Collection, you will receive:
    (1) - 4 oz Triple Milk Cleanser
    (1) - 2.7 oz Triple Milk Skin Milk 
    (1) - 3.38 oz Triple Milk Peel
    (1) - 2.7 oz Triple Milk Primer
    (1) - 3.5 oz Triple Milk Bar


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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