Often at Beekman 1802, city meets country.

On a recent trip down the streets of NYC, we were inspired by the stacks and stacks of pashmina being peddled.   And it gave us an idea.

After a little haggling, we wound up with about a dozen scarves at $5 a piece.  (As an alternative, you could use your own collection of old scarves but the project will work best if all of the scarves are of similar width and length.)

Inspired by the autumnal colors and the recent trend in color blocking, we decided to try our hand at “quilting”.  Laying out the scarves end-to-end on the vertical and then another series of rows on the horizontal, we created a simple basket weave.

At this point, you “could” use a sewing machine and make a very uniform looking quilt, but we thought it might be cozier to do something a bit more casual.

We first folded all of the edges under by about 1 inch so that all edges of the scarves were closed and smooth.  Use straight pins to hold things in place until the next step is completed.

Using a grommet kit, we pinned each intersection together.  We then put another grommet mid-way between the grommets that lined the outside edge of the quilt to provide extra strength and to keep the ends from gaping.

We found it easier to use a nut pick to pierce through the layers of fabric.  An ice pick or even  a large crochet needle would also work.

For our next project, we are taking scarves in hues of lavender, gray, and cream.  Instead of grommets to hold the quilt we plan to use simple knots.  We’ll pierce the fabric in the same way, but then feed through a 2 inch piece of wool yarn and then tie a simple knot.

It’s a cozy blanket unlike any you’ll see, and the variations are endless.

by Josh and Brent

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Lovely idea. After my uncle died, my aunt realized she couldn’t keep holding onto all his clothes, so she made a quilt out of the fabrics that reminded her of him the most. His favorite flannel shirts, his favorite denim jacket, the pillowcase he died on, his pajamas, robe, the suit he married her in, the throw he snuggled under to watch TV, favorite old ratty sweater, his baby blanket inherited from his mother, and so on. So in a way, he is still keeping her warm every night she lies in bed missing him.

Shar martinez

Fabulous idea! Beautiful colors! We don't have the single didget weather here, but we invested in camel hair comforters. They are not heavy, but warm like you can not even imagine. With proper care it will last a lifetime. So on the outside your stunning scarf design…….and on the inside camel hair comforter! You both will be toasty warm and will fall asleep before you can count 5 camels! Sweet Dreams my loved ones.

Sylvia King

The lavender, gray, and cream sounds beautiful. What a great idea. Any chance you will selling these?

traci sabia

WOW!!! At first glance I thought it was a patched quilt but as I read i realized they were scarves. Such a beautiful creation.

Catherine Rose

Good Job Guy's *** You could do the same-thing with Sweaters from Goodwill or the Salvation Army Stores … it's another way to get cheap Yarn too ***

Cee Cee

How big did you cut your squares!! What a genius idea!! Pick me up 10 or 15 the next time you are in the city!!! 🙂


It's beautiful you guys! I have a comforter made of Sari patches — kind of the same concept! It's also handmade (not by me ha) has a heavy fabric backing and keeps me very warm!